Red S3's

I took a notion for one of these cars and then decided on a colour, at first i wanted noggy , then dolphin then i looked at black grey but have my heart set of misano with absolute being second choice. Iv never had a red car and think it would look so well with silver ch's and lowered. I have a mk2 gti garaged at the mo, its just a show car / sunday driving (want to keep it pristine) also have a work van and a daily mk4 so dontneed to change but if a misano or "ideal" s3 came up for sale id probably go for it.
no one considers ming blue, and i've never seen another. its a gorgeous colour in good light. its a quieter colour though and very subtle. i originally wanted negaro, then imola, then settled on ming blue.
i dont see why they didnt make more red than anything else. i mean red and negaro are the audi S/RS colours
4 Years later and I am on the hunt again. lol
Currently have an A4 Sline Sp Ed 2010 I am selling and would like something fun. Wife drives an A4 Sline Avant so no need for two big cars.

So its between an S3 8l
Mk4 R32
Or E46 M3 (had one already so its nice to get something different) Plus the S3 would be easier to run.
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You know what the say, if you can't beat them join them, everybody says why did you get an orange s3, it used to drive me mad but now I just go slang with it : (
She not ginger, it's strawberry blonde !

Seriously though, it makes a huge difference keeping it clean and what you wash it with.

Thinking of getting mine wrapped after seeing JoeeS3's car...

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