Help Anyone Got A Spare Rear Light?


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Aug 14, 2010
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Colchester, Essex
Argh so decided to get the train into london yesterday and left the car at the train station...walking back to the car and thinking something doesnt look right and i was right! Some idiot has rear shunted the car and smashed the passanger side rear light and cracked the drivers side light AND the bumper was hanging off on the passenger corner.

I have been out this morning and have managed to attach the bumper again but will need a local repair as has a small split in the plastic and also a few scuffs, but the biggest problem is the rear lights as the passenger side is completely mullered and the bulb is exposed

I dont suppose anyone has a spare set of rear lights for a 3 door after upgrading or even just a spare passenger side light they want to sell cheaply to help me out!!!!?? :faint:
same here. old lights sat gathering dust
Im selling mine if anyone wants them, ask Khufu first though.
Maybe not everyone likes the MY09/MY11 versions or can afford the 160 odd quid, what with having to pay out for other repairs etc?