F1 Season 2011


The Clar!! it mouves!!!
Dec 27, 2007
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Formula One season 2011

Good Luck to all
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Iv always routed for Button, so I hope he will pull it out the bag for 2011.

Next season shoud be intresting though with KERS back and apparently an adjustable rear wing. Not sure what other changes are being made?
Well at least the show goes on................

But am I talking about the F1?!
Well its looking like the 2011 season is going to be a cracker. KERS is back, Team orders are back, Adjustable rear wings, More clearer rules on flexi front wings and FIA are going to stamp out dirty driving.

I think this year could be the one Alonso does it. I said last year at the begining that he wouldnt win the WDC as he didnt have enough time to develope the car with his input. 2011 tho should be interesting.
I think Mclaren will be awsome with there KERS so as i said. Interesting times ahead.
If you think its boring, why reply to a thread you have no interest in? +1
because I start each new year of F1 thinking this is going to be better, then after sitting through the whole race Im left with a empty feeling. Caught some of the BTCC this year and that was more like it used to be in the 90`s.

Some of the tracks where all the passing is done in the pits ???? It just seems wrong

Lets hope this season is better and Kers can make a big difference :)
I think with the KERS back we should see some better over taking. Personaly i think they ruined it when they banned refueling. Was far better and much more exciting and more tention. Now who ever has the fastest car on straight, wins.
I expected more overtaking with the enforced tyre changes but still all the overtaking seemed to be in the pits. Refueling always made things interesting. Maybe the 1.5 turbo units that are being looked at will change things again, I just want to see some overtaking :)
i watch F1 regardless of how entertaining it is but hopefully there will be more action next season. KERS should be interesting though. im more looking forward to 2013 when hopefully the Turbo cars will be on the grid with radical changes but who knows what is going to happen just yet.

my prediction for 2011 WDC is ...... Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton(hopefully he wins)
if you want overtaking on track then you have to take a big step away from areodynamic aids. because as soon as you get up behind another car your into all the dirty air off the car infront, so your slower and cant actually get within 30ft of the car infront without losing atleast losing the downforce on the front splitter/wing leaving you with understeer etc.
i liked the season this year.
if i remember correctly i think 4 people could have mathematically won the championship as the last race started....... now thats interesting! and the choice of whether to pit as the safety car was out in the first few laps decided that was deffo interesting imo!!
Here we go again. lol

Who said that Webber wasn't driving this year? And was so **** sure of himself? LOL

Redbull again i reckon, Vettel will pull it out of the bag :eek:)

Well as long as the Chorizo MF'er doesn't do it, i will be happy
Mostly agree with that comment, add a dummy spitting **** of a spaniard to the equation :)
Mostly agree with that comment, add a dummy spitting **** of a spaniard to the equation :)

Here we go again. Same old comments from 1animal1. Why you here again? Oh yeah to show your hatred for Alonso and get this thread locked again. You got issues dude. Seriously, You got issues.
If you want to just bash Alonso and say how much you want to bum Shamilton then maybe start your own thread?
Lets keep this thread for talking about the up coming season and the new changes.

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i merely stated a fact, nothing twisted sinister or other.... my comments have been constructive so far, have yours?

although i do take offence to you suggesting my sexuality like you have, poking fun at homosexuals too is nothing to be proud of.....shame on you Reptor
i merely stated a fact, nothing twisted sinister or other.... my comments have been constructive so far

Hardly m8...
dummy spitting **** of a spaniard to the equation :)

Calling Alonso a Turn of a spaniard is not reallt "Contructive"

As i said, if you just want to bash Alonso and state about Ramiltons brown start like you did before then please start your own thread. This thread got locked becuase of your comments before and you was warned once before i seem to remember.
Its a new year and i am going to keep things above board and talk about F1 in a better light. Maybe you should do the same. If not jog on...
What do people think of the Lotus situation? I do like the black and gold of the new Lotus Renault of Kubica and Petrov.....
Yeah i agree, Think it looks great. Reminds me of the old JPS team.

Not sure about Petrov re-signing. He is a terrible driver. He can hardly keep the car on the track and seems to crash it too often. He only kept his seat through money.

100% agree - he should have gone to the Marussia Virgin squad and found his feet more. Renault Lotus should have taken the opportunity to grt Hulkenburg, or Heidfeld
Definatly. Hulkenburg has great talent and in a few more years he will be right up there. Not sure about heidfield tho, think he`s had his day. He has been around F1 for a fair few years and seems an alright driver but not good enough to be a World Champion.

Unfortunatly in F1 you have a very short shelf life and if you dont make a big impact as soon as the season starts then the axe starts to grind and they get kicked out before the season is over. Personaly i think that wrong. They should at least get a good stab at it rarther than on a race to race basis.

I think the upcoming season will be the best one yet. What with the new aero rules and more teams on a level playing feild at the begining. :)
If I remember correctly you started this whole thing back up again on last years thread, whilst I was being civil....water under the bridge and happy to get on if you reserve your stupid comments
1animal1, no one cares about your comments,, you just look foolish how you cant let something drop. Maybe you should keep your comments to the A3 section and jog on.


It seems bernie is worried about the sound of the new 2013 engines. He said he is not bothered about what engine size they run as long as they keep the raw engine note.
Personaly i think going to a 1.6T engine will be a mistake. F1 is the high end of motor sport and thats what attracts us all to watch. Guess we will see in 2013 :)
you really dont see how you come across do you....blind....utter contempt for anyone who doesn't agree with your hair brained ideas.... you jog on

and yes i agree, getting a decent note out of a 1.6 without a cherry bomb is daft, although id imagine these F1 geeky mechanics will find a way :)
FYI.....The phrase "The pot calling the kettle black" is an idiom used to accuse a person of being guilty of the very thing they are pointing out.

As i said, if you cant be constructive then start your own thread and jog on and no one cares about your thoughts.....

Once again i`ll try to get back on topic, Looks like USA are well underway at building there new Austin track. Should be finished by next year.
Personaly i think the FOTA should boycot any Amercian track as i rememeber what happened the last time F1 was at a american circuit. The crowd was totaly disrespectful an not to mention they made a hash of there USF1 Team.

Im looking forward to the first few races to see how close the team will be matched with the new rules on aero packages and adjustable front and rear wings. Also will be interesting to see how much redbull`s front wing flex`s now the reg`s on how much they flex have been tightened.
Adrian is the daddy, once again it will be the best chassis on the grid.

As far as the 1.6 thing goes, think how nice a 1.0 bike engine sound's at 12k, well imagine that with a turbo and no silencer's, ok, it's no v8, but it will still be awesome
Agreed Newey is the daddy of aero but saying that he joined Redbull in 2006 and it took them 4 years to produce a winning car. Albeit but 5 points in the end.

Jensons car was unstoppable in 2009 without the aid of Adrian. It was clearly more about finding the advance before anyone else could. Ross brawn found the double deffuser and it took the rest of the field 8months to figure it out. Adrian found the "Flexi" wing and ferrari and mclaren found that sercret too but was far too late in the season to catch them.
I may not have read all the above properly, so apologises to everyone if I have missed it - but are we not forgetting Pirelli?!

The tyre situation could be a huge factor next year - some drivers, I fear will either suffer hugely - or will be blaming the tyres for their struggles.

On a seperate note I've just heard from the factory that McLaren may be preparing a new paint job for this season............ and yes, there is a big possibility the chrome silver will be gone............
noooooo the mclarens look ace with the chrome finish!!

They have always wanted a individual identity on the grid and "apparently" are not happy with Mercedes running their cars in (the flat) Silver as well althogh they are Merc customers themselves. They have looked at something along the lines of the old Marlboro Red and White colours but that would clash with Ferrari and Virgin Marussia - mumblings have suggested they use their original "orange" although they could struggle with the Vodafone advertising and how it looks, other ideas penned have been black with a day glo red for Vodafone (but this could now clash with Renault Lotus Proton) or maybe a Day Glo Yellow or something similar? We'll see.......
UPDATE - McLaren are keeping their rocket red and chrome colour scheme! Thank god, it's an awesome colour scheme, one that I've certainly grown to love since 2007!
Bit of a pipeline story but it looks as though VW are seriously looking to enter F1 in 2013 as an engine supplier / partner and the rumours appear to suggest that a Red Bull VW works team is on the agenda........

As much as there are pro and cons to constructors etc, I do hope the next generation engine regs bring the car makers back into the sport, because then we may see less "rich man's son's" driving and more talanted drivers in the cars instead!

Why on earth are people like Nico Hulkenburg, Sam Bird, Paul Di Resta etc having to fight for drives, and add to that drivers like Timo Glock and co driving at the back of the grid?!
Narain Karthikeyan will return to Formula 1 with HRT this year.
OMG! I remember when he drove for jordon, man oh man was he rubish. He was always crashing it into a wall. Wonder who will crash the most, Karthikeyan or Petrov..lol

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