It all seems to happen at once ... shake me baby!!!


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Jan 29, 2008
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Well after my issues with heaters and wipers my car is doing some funky clunks.

On full lock at slow speed (out of a parking space etc) it seems to clunk and shake with the clunksand almost jerk! its a strange feeling.

Also i noticed if taking a corner at a rather fruity speed it shakes through the steering rack a bit.

It's a Quattro by the way. Any ideas?

Cheers all.
do circles on full lock to see if you hear noise from the CVs clicking
it's more than a clicking, its a definate clunk. it is as though the wheel nuts are loose. I may have to actually check them!!... its minus 2 outside. but i am off to have a look....
if your cv joint is really fcuked it will make all sorts of noises..
Well i checked my wheel nuts, all tight.

How do i go about checking a CV joint then?
If you drive in a circle on full lock in a large car park then the CV joint will be ticking/knocking if it's knackered.

Be aware that quattro cars do have a certain amount of tyre scrub anyway, which in my experience increases as the tyres wear down. But if the tracking/alignment is out it will also have an adverse effect on this.
went to check tyres on my lunch, no time to drive around in circles though. and the depths are the same on tyres (about half worn) however i noticed the prior owner has put 245/40/18 on rear and 235/40/18 on front. will this cause issues?

cheers for everyones help.
Different size tyres on a quattro is a big no. This will have caused you strain on the entire drive train, diffs, gearbox, cv joints.

Your tyre circumferences are 2.052m and 2.027m. For every completion revolution of a wheel one set of tyres has tried to go 2.5cm further (or 1.2%).

Any idea how long the tyre have been different?

Yeh I'll second that. I'd get the tyres changed to equal sizes asap and go from there.

Has it made this noise since you go the car? Or got worse? And over what sort of timescale?
Right cheers guys will get them changed ASAP. glad i looked. It's got progressivley worse i reckon over time. they will of been on the car for 6 months maybe.... sheeeeeeeeet!

Anyone recommened a decent set of tyres?

Cheers again
Everyone will give you a different answer..... I'm quite happy with my Continental Sport Contact 3's.
Everyone will give you a different answer..... I'm quite happy with my Continental Sport Contact 3's.

Nice tyres, I have ordered 4 Avon ZZ3's going on on Monday.

Hope i have done no serious damage!

Cheers for all you guys help on the matter. at a guess its done 2,500 miles on the odd tyres :sadlike:
DOES IT CLUNK WHEN YOU LET YOUR FOOT OFF THE ACCELERATOR AT LOW SPEED, Sorry for shouting but i had typed all this before looking up and probably should have started again now looking at how much extra ive had to type! DO!

Anyway antiroll bars are a known source of clunking/knocking at low speeds and they do it out of time with the suspension moving up and down. Maybe worth having a look at the drop links.

On mine the paint/coating on the roll bar has dissapeared where they contact with the bushes and has a gap betwen the bar and bush this is allowing excess movement and a knocking noise. Time for new ones.