Has Anybody done a colour DIS retrofit??

rob irl tdi

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Jul 14, 2010
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Has anybody done one? I have my rsn-e to go in and i'm just waiting on a double din cage.

Was just wondering are they hard to come across even in km as i've done loads of mk4 clocks

Are they worth it or should I just get a bluetooth unit for thr rsn-e??
Im pretty sure its impossible to do. It would only be possible if the clocks you get to do it are under 1000 miles on the odometer, or something like this.

I had looked into it a while back...
I thought it was possible to do, but I have no idea. have a search here, the question has been asked many times, and i think you need the full clocks and not just the screen. As far as i know, S4's have the colour DIS, so maybe find a set of S4 clocks, which I'm sure will be a doddle! ha.

Have a search though, it's definately been asked before.
But I have a diesel so clocks will rev out different.

I don't mind km in Ireland as we switched over her in Ireland from 2005. I got a nice set of mk5 highline clocks from Germany in the Summer for my womans Golf. In km too.
ah yeah, true! Well then, I have no idea, ha! sorry mate! If you do find the answer though come back and post it here for future reference :)
I have done the colour dis retrofit. Well at least I sourced the parts and had Ben at Sharkperformance re-coded the new cluster. You have to make sure you source the correct petrol or diesel cluster and it is important that you get a B6 one if you have a B6 that is. The immobilisers are different between the B6 & B7. It does not matter if it is new or used Ben can re-code either. Ring him and have a chat if you are unsure, he does pop up on here sometimes as shark_90
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Can you pm me please on how much he charged.

Were all B6 clusters just red or were some coloured?

theres a brand new one on ebay at the moment for a tdi. saw it yesterday although it was £299. il have a look and post the link if i can relocate it

looks like its sold:faint:
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My 2002 1.9tdi quattro B6 avant se came with colour dis from the factory:) it had an rns-d, i miss it in the RS6
Would love to be able to do it myself. Wonder how to get the SKC of these clusters. I have bosch clocks
you can use vagtacho to retrieve your skc