Audi a3 1.8t (8L) central locking and alarm gone crazy? help please most appreciated


Audi a3 1.8t AGU
Apr 29, 2010
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
hi all need some help with my central locking went to unlock my car tonight and every time i pressed my key fob to unlock it would unlock thne straight away lock again, i had to be quick and grab the handle before it locked, when i was in the car i prest the button to lock the car and it did but wouldnt let me unlock it again, just kept locking -unlocking, went over to my uncles and when i left there took me 10 minutes to get in my car finaly got in then it locked itself but this time instead of me pressing to unlock the car then the car locks itself it descided to lock,lock,lock for ages then the alarm starts going off eventualy i had to disconect the battery and reconect so i cold drive home without getting pullled over by the old bill thinking ive stoll it, lol all the way home it kept locking itself (could here the compresor) got home same trouble but because it kept locking n locking my lad couldnt get out of the passenger door i could get out of mine but was a stuggle. finaly it stopped and i was able to lock it with the key its self on the door. my key fob dosnt do any thing now when i press it.

many thanks
What happens if you unlock the car with the key in the door?
have you had the drivers door panel off at all?
ive just been out to the car and it all seems to work fine with the key in the door, my key fob isnt doing anything though. if my battery was nearly flat in the controller could that of coursed anything, very long shot but you never no.
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Looking at your other thread this could be the problem possibly a bad connection or earth point but tbh i dont know much about central locking. You could try the batteries in the fob if thats not working now then you need them anyway so its worth a go hope this helps.
ive taken the door pannel off and couldnt see anything a miss, i only tryed the key in the door last night to lock it back up which it did and it didn't do anything stupid

No i ment have you taken the drivers door panel off recently before the problem started?

So basicly everything is working fine if you dont use the key fob? if you open the door with the key, start the car and drive, everything is fine.

Did you get 2 key fobs with the car plus a garage key or just one fob?
id change the siren itself.... the back up batteries leak acid on the circuit board inside and it causes all sorts of problems!
Just looked in my Haynes and there is no mention of a central locking ecu, does mention a central locking switch intergrated with the electric window switch located inside the drivers door internal handle. Hope this helps.