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Apr 10, 2004
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I know there was a recent thread on here about remaping a 2.0TDi but has anyone at all actually tried one of these tuning box thingys on a 2.0TDI - what are they likedo they actually work? I'm thinking of getting one althought my car only has 2600 miles on so guess i should wait a bit longer first. I just really like the sound of these things being easy to fit and more importantly remove so dealers dont know anything about them!

Yeh just been looking on their website actually - they are about the cheapest. Another good thing is they do a 30 day money back guarantee, but the only thing that concerns me is that the other dear ones (tunit, tuningbox, van aaken etc) all say avoid the cheap ones.

So whats it actually like? Smoke? Mpg? Performance? Does it smooth the engine out? I know my engine seems to give a fair bit of vibration when its on boost between 2 and 3000 rpm which i find annoying - some of these people claim that this is smoothed out.

I hope this helps! I ran a Golf GT Tdi (110 BHP) for nearly 5 years with the tuning box on it. I found it gave quite a bit more power as advertised, but it smoked badly to the point where it became embarrassing. Mine had the adjuster on it so you could get a compromise between power and smoke. I spent many days testing and adjusting but found that there was no compromise. If you kept the smoke down, the power increase was very modest. These boxes ( I had 2 different types) are quite crude and the only intercept the signal and overfuel the engine.

To answer steve184 questions:

1. Whats it actually like? It gives hell a lot of power all at once around 2000 RPM.

2. Smoke? Really filthy I found, especially under hard acceleration.

3. Mpg? I used to think it helped, but you always use the power, so broadly neutral.

4. Does it smooth out the engine? On the golf it did not make any difference.

Finally from the other thread, I have justed remapped my 2.0 litre Tdi using Superchips. It has smoothed it to the point where it now feels like a different engine...more refined.
Do you guys have manual gearbox or DSG? mine is DSG equipped and I am still affraid to chip it and chop the DSG /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

With regards to the tuning box for the 2.0 TDI, a mate of mine has a Golf 2.0 TDI with a tuning box fitted, which should in theory be the same for an A3, i have driven it and it feels very quick. He has raced cars such as Astra 2.0 turbo's (200 bhp) and beat them!!!
The problem is it does produce quite alot of smoke, if you boot it just after you've been driving steadily. (There is no adjuster setting on the box)

The box is by TD performance, it was very easy to fit, and cost just under £400. The golf is still getting very good fuel economy with the box fitted, but i think the on board computer is now out by a couple of MPG's when measured against the pump.

Here's the link to which box he has: -


I have had the same thoughts as yourself, but have decided to go for the Superchip remap, after reading broadmarshes posts. (thanks Broadmarsh)
I have been offered the superchip for £450 from my local agent, so it's good value I think.

Hope the above helps.


Yes i like the sound of the superchips option myself especially as broadmarsh reckons it makes the engine more refined! BUT and its a big BUT i like the fact that the tuning boxes are removable DIY styleeee which means you can keep your warranty in tact - this is far the most important thing to me.

Have just had an email back from tuningbox.com with reply to a mail i sent them and they say they will supply me with a box for 500 EUROs (about £343) delivered and i can return it within 6 days if I decided its no good. Regard to smoke - i dont think there is a single diesel out there that doesnt emit thick black smoke when you floor it - mine does now and its only got 2500 miles on it and completely standard! Diesel fuel contains much more carbon than petrol and when its burnt this carbon is what is produced - there is nothing that can be done about this. I dont believe for a minute that even a superchipped TDI will not produce any black smoke at all - it just isnt possible unless they have fitted spark plugs reduced the compression ratio and filled the tank with petrol!

steve184 said;

"Diesel fuel contains much more carbon than petrol and when its burnt this carbon is what is produced - there is nothing that can be done about this."

Sorry I cannot agree with this statement! The black smoke from diesels IS from overfuelling! It is literally unburnt fuel! The newer cars that now conform to the new Euro IV emmissions and hence give off less smoke, have far better fuel management systems (more sophisticated ECUs and more sensors).

Also dan said;

"Also speaking to the my superchip agent who has an a3 2.0 tdi himself which he has remapped, stated that his gives off no more smoke than when his car was on the standard tune. When I aslo wrote to the head office of superchips, they replied and guarnteed that there would be no more additional smoke."

Well folks I agree with this entirely! As you will have most likely read from the other thread that gives my experience with the remap, I watched the complete procedure on the rolling road with the before and after remapping. Superchips gave me a set of ear defenders to wear because of the noise and I particularly watched for smoke. Remember I used to have a tuning box on a 110 Bhp Golf GT Tdi and it smoked really heavily. I was therefore NOT going to be satisfied if the remap smoked. In fact I would have had my money back there and then if it has smoked anymore than standard(Superchips new this). Anyway there was very little smoke after the remap. One thing that has to be appreciated, is that with the car on the rolling road there is no forward speed to blow away any smoke, it just hangs around the back of the vehicle below the bumper, so you can see what is produced. Anyway, again I must say there was very little. I do not see any on the open road!

If any of you are serious about the Superchips remap, and want to see it in the real driving world, you are at liberty to call me and visit and see for yourself.



in that case you are saying every diesel engine that has ever been produced over fuels everytime you put your foot down because you wil not find any diesel in the world which does not chuck out black smoke - it isn't literally unburnt fuel as you say it IS the product of burnt carbon rich diesel. As i said before even now as standard when i look in the window i can see smoke behind me when i press the accelerator - if there was any way of stopping this altogether the manufacturers would have sily clean diesels but surprisingly they haven't because it isnt possible.

No offence mate, but I do not wish to get into slanging matches (who's right and who's wrong). If you wish to find out my background that makes me make these statements, then please send me a Private Message and I will respond!


Im in manchester. I don't for one minute doubt what you was saying, all i was saying was that a certain amount of smoke is unavoidable - and i cant see that now your car is superchipped it could be any 'cleaner' than before - i honestly dont want an argument.

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