RNS-E, S3 mirrors and S3 grille up for grabs, be quick.

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Sep 8, 2004
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1) RNS-E, with original 2009 navigation DVD, GPS antenna. Unit dated 03/2008, non chrome version, immaculate as new condition. £440 collected / £460 delivered.

2) 8P3 OEM S3 grille, fits facelift A3's only. This is the chrome version, mint condition, done around 15,000 miles. £100 collected / £120 delivered.

3) 8P3 S3 OEM chrome mirrors, they are immaculate and have covered the same mileage as above. Fits facelift A3's up to MY10. £160 collected / £170 delivered

Last buyer dropped out, haven't had chance to re-list so thought i'd offer ASN members a chance before they go to ebay.

PM me for photos. Location: Birmingham, West Midlands.

Cheers :)
Sem, been trying to send you a PM but not sure if it's being sent or not (doesn't show in my sent items). It may be blocked by the work firewall.

Anyway incase you happen accross this before I get chance to send from my laptop at home, some photo's would be useful. Do you have the radio keys, adaptor loom and antenna adaptor still? Wouldn't mind buying the lot together to simplify the install if possible. I assume I'll need the adaptor to maintain good radio reception? I'll be installing in place of a concert double din in an A3 sport back Black Edition (with Bose). The car also has Audi Bluetooth prep and the flat bottomed MFSW.

Any tips on how to install would be very useful too. I'm confident in getting the unit in (need to clarify which wire to move for the Bose) but I'm not sure how I actually set up the coding. Am I right in thinking I need to code both the radio and the car once installed to get it all working properly?

Finally, just to double check - the unit does come with the PIN code so it will work with my car doesn't it? (You never can be too careful....!).
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