Michelin Pilot Primacy.....good bye and farewell!


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Aug 27, 2003
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While we're all daydreaming about glens next car, just thought i'ld bring us all back down to reality and say to all us "ordinary" 1.8T(Q) owners that if you're running on the factory fit 205/55 R16 primacys and thinking ...."'ll change em when they run out".....you'll be thinking that for A LONGGGGGGGGGG time.

Just swapped mine on 40,100 miles!

Admittedly there's a good few motorway miles in that lot, but even so. I suppose if you want economy then these may be the "sensible" option. Obviously i've took the chance to change to F1's sourced through mytyres.co.uk and initial impressions are promising...but need to scrub them in first.

Anyway ...back to glen's car...........
I run Michelins, cant remember which type now (18" v-pattern), on my S3 its done 18K miles and ive just had it serviced and they reported the rears have 5mm and fronts 4mm so im probably gonna have them for 40K too!
I hated the pilots that I had on my t-sport.. not sure how many miles they'd been on far. ( could have been since new as its only just coevered 40K). The car would understeer a lot, the new tyres hold the road a lot better.
What tyres were factory fitted on

I just bought an S3 and it has 3 Bridgestones (Potenza i think) and 1 Pirelli P6000 (new).

Now trying to decide between
Mich Pilots 87quid fitted at Costco
Goodyear F1's £93 delivered. Gotta add fitting costs.
Any opinions?
Cheers DickyS3...looks like F1's are the way forward (and round corners hopefully /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif )

You won't be disappointed!