Clonking noise when engaging/disengaging clutch


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Apr 5, 2010
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When changing from 1st to 2nd gear there is a loud clonk as clutch down, the same in 2nd to 3rd. In neutral pedal down is fine but raisin clutch pedal up i hear the clonk. Ive not noticed it before and i drive my car a fair bit.

has anyone else had this problem?

ive got the same prob mate i think its a mounting as they are very soft rubber so if disturbed they mess up and you have to get a new one but dont quote me on that i might have a different sound to yours but it sound familiar to the noise i have got at the mo , have you had any work done on the car recently like a clutch or similar
I havent had any work done to the car recently in the way of clutch or alike. Looking on the net it seems a few people have the sound. But doesnt seem to be any answers as to what the cause is. Seems more common with the quattro's.

Liking the black and red theme looks good.
hmm strange one then if you get to the bottom of it then let me know its driving me nuts im scared that the gearbox with **** its self haha , thanks man loads of people look at my car every day i love it
It went in for a service about a month ago. And i did ask them to check everything they say they did and found no problems with clutch or gearbox or anything else for that matter. But what they say and do is a different thing. If i find an answer i will let you know. Be intersting to see if anyone else has the same noise.

Definately do your tints as it says on your to do list. mines a misano red and i had the back 3 done, really makes a difference.
thanks man , yeah im going to get them done soon, nice colour misano red we've had a few s-line's in that colour in work they look awesome in the sunlight dont they