LED side lights and number plate bulbs!!!

Leaky Lloyd

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Apr 17, 2010
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easy dudes!!!!

aint been on here for a bit,, been mega busy,
and due to being busy i STILL aint got round to fitting hid kits to the heads and fogs!!!
but thats gun have to wait, a few more fiddle jobs required me thinks!

anyways,, im after some side light LED's and number plate ones too!!!!

i know that some can give error codes so can anyone post links to ones they are using which work ok???

also,, can i have some views on which to go for as i know there are a few available from summat like 9 through to 25 LED's

cheers dudes,, as soon as i get the links im ordering em!!!
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If I had £1 for everytime this came up ....... lol

I've got the 9 LED version of THESE which have run faultlessly for over two years, but lately the individual LED's have started to burn out - I will either replace them with the 15 LED ones, or maybe THESE

I've not done my rear number plate lights (yet) - there's numerous options available on ebay, or I'd probably pick one from HERE
james,,the 6000k bulbs you posted,, wll they look blue do you think?
really want whites or ice whites!
They're classed as white, I can't answer for sure, but lots of people (me included for the time being at least) have 6000k HID's and they're not blue. I'm sure they'll be fine.
right james,, im gunna order them then?
and i wont get no fault codes?

cos if i do,, and they look blue,, im gunna come lookin for yer!!!!!

the ones you linked last james,, tried to order but it just keeps telling me to amend the order as non are in stock!
not to worry,, found some more on ebay,, ganna try them for 10 quid,, not exactly expensive if they dont work!!