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May 1, 2010
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Has anyone on here ever retrofitted the DPF?

I know most people would rather get shot of them due to regeneration problems or power increases over 200 bhp but I think I could do with one. I have to say I don't like having to constantly clean the exhaust tips as well as creating a sooty smoke screen on a recent trip to Wales constantly overtaking slow cars (safely I might add!) as well as to compliment my facelifted 06 TDI SB with S3 parts (photos coming v soon!) by fitting straight tips instead of downward facing ones that I've got at the moment.

I can regenerate at the minimum once a week by driving as required or via VCDS, but it's more the fitting, coding and I think I might need a new power module etc as I haven't seen any options to do with DPF anywhere on VCDS on my car. (Anyone with fairly new great working order DPF with looms etc I can purchase at a good price?)

What do you DPF experts think?
The DPF is coded into the ECU. If your car is a 2006 PD140 or earlier you cannot have a DPF fitted and working as the ECU doesn`t have the correct connections or files to work a DPF.
Aw sorry, i misunderstood, no you cant add a dpf to a non-dpf car, the regen cycle is controlled by various sensors and ecu software. The exhaust soot is much easier to clean if you have a stainless steel exhaust. I can clean my tip to shiny new with normal soapy water
Anything can be done but how much do you want to pay?
Lol, yes that's the golden question! Hopefully the open system should be cheaper but how cheap is cheaper with Audi?! Will try and price this in the week.
I had a Leon PD170, and trust me, the PD engines, I'd rather be cleaning my tips then having the DPF, if it activates in standing traffic, revs increased to 1,000rpm, made the car very juddery whilst stood still, accelerating was jerky, and while I never had the DPF light actually come on as I drove on a motorway everyday, the thing sure came on a awful lot! It was the worst thing I ever had, so glad I don't have it now, plus I noticed a big difference in fuel consumption when it came on.


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