allroad air suspension didn't raise back up from level one!


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Nov 22, 2009
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I have tried & tested the air suspension a good few times since we got the car last week & it has been flawless until tonight, I think.

I was driving back on the motorway doing around 70-80mph & the suspension dropped down to the lowest setting as it should. Then when I got off the motorway I waited for it to go back up to level 2 but it didn't till I pulled up outside my house. I know it's speed sensitive & can take 30 seconds to change but my drive from the motorway to my home is about 10 minutes at around 40mph.

Is this something to get worried about & the start of a problem or nothing?
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Compressor faulty, air struts or control unit...EITHER WAY IT WONT BE CHEAP ! Thats the first sign when someone is selling a car- trouble ! Compressor is just shy of 600 notes and bags are 500 quid each. I dont know how much the control unit costs but you should really have a diagnostic scan done first to see what's up. Ussualy the compressor shuts down if it overheats- for example running continuously !
It had a new compressor fitted 6 months ago so shouldn't be that. When I bought it I spent hours with the chap testing the air suspension countless times & he didn't seem bothered at all like anything was wrong. I guessed if it was going to Play up it would have done so when buying it, but guess not.

The only thing I did last night out of the ordinary was switch off the ESP for a second while driving back, could that have something to do with it? In the book it talks about the ESP having an effect on the different rides height's etc but couldn't quite understand it.
Well, Just a quick update.

Been driving it up & down the motorway since me last post & the suspension has been flawless. I drops down to level one around 85-90mph & as soon as I get into traffic it raises back up to level two every time.

So for now it's fine, wonder if it was pressing the ESP button that messed it up?