VCDs won't clear S3 airbag fault light


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Sep 13, 2004
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I've been leant a cable from someone with a Golf to reset my airbag light, which came on when pushing the seats forward I've pushed the connectors back in but when in try to clear the fault it won't do it. I've cleared a temp sensor fault ok. I think this lead may be an ebay job, but if it clears one code would it should clear the airbag code, or if the fault is still present would this not happpen. My local gargage charged me £25 to read the codes whith a 'snap on' unit this too would not clear the code either. The software is release 805, the guy i've borroowed it from is away on holiday so i'm at bit stuffed at the moment

Yes, so check the code shown, show the error logged on here then maybe we can help further.
Been under the seat again everything tight

65535 Internal control module memory error 00-10-- intermittent

Is the control module faulty, surely this can't happen by pushing the seats forward to hoover??
Try battery disconnect for 20 minutes.
Internal Control Module Memory Error

Internal Control Module Memory Error

Possible Causes

  • Control Module housing leaky > Control Module wet
  • Wiring from/to Control Module faulty
  • Control Module faulty
Possible Solutions

  • Check/Clean Wiring from/to Control Module
  • Replace Control Module
Special Notes

  • This fault is NOT to be ignored when found in a major and/or critical system (Airbag, ABS etc.).
  • When stored in other unimportant systems (Radio etc.) the general suggestion is to ignore it unless you notice functional limitations. Within the warranty period dealers are usually required to replace such control modules, but there have been a couple of cases with similar codes where these are getting ignored due to flaws in the control module software. If in doubt please refer to technical bulletins and similar documents provided by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Audi Airbag 6 & 7
    • Problem: A fault of the acceleration sensor may result in the above fault.
    • Solution: Replace Airbag control module and both acceleration sensors.
  • Audi Airbag 8
    • Problem: Due to under voltage the control module does not complete it's self test successfully.
    • Solution: Replace Airbag control module and install a under voltage protection relay for it.
  • Certain older TDI ECUs which have a vacuum line going to them
    • Problem: Vacuum line broken, either before ECU or inside ECU.
    • Solution: Inspect and repair vacuum lines to ECU and inside ECU.
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