OEM Audi Bluetooth Retrofit B8 A4


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Mar 8, 2010
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Hi All,

For the above retrofit for a concert radio with no navigation, i.e. using CAN bus,
Do you need to remove the passenger seat to install the module or do you just need to push the passenger seat all the way back/forward to access this spot? Is it a big job? I am getting someone to do it but they haven't done it before, I have the instructions from KUFATEC.

Has anyone done this retrofit before and mounted it under the drivers seat?

Also once installed I understand we need to do coding via VCDS which I have access to. But will it cause any problems later when I take it in for service or each time I start my car and make a bluetooth connection will it reject it? I heard the following:

"Unless the BT was fitted by an Audi Dealer and the relevant SVM numbers were applied online to update the servers in Germany, your cars default settings would be reset each time it's connected. If it has not then your dealer has not connected it to the VAS system. "

Is this true? I hope not! As I already purchased the oem BT kit.

I will get my etka/elsa running asap & if sorted will post info related to this.

No the cars setup isnt changed everytime vag logs onto the car, they only reset modules when there are issues or have updates to do, usually when they see a module out of place they tend to install it via coding anyway or advise you as they usually think its just a system glitch & it should be coded to the car.

My suggestion would be to have vcds anyway, pm me if ever interested as I sell these, genuine I may add.
How much is OEM bluetooth parts required for upgrade?
Ok unit does go under a seat, not sure which but usually passenger, only got etka up atm, but will check elsa tomorrow.
Thanks NHN. Let me know what you find in ELSA. From my understanding, RHD vehicles the AUDI BT OEM unit will sit under drivers seat...
I have PM you about the VCDS.
Hi All,

I was wondering if someone with VAGCOM or know the coding 100% for the oem BT for the A4 B8? If someone can autoscan and send me their oem coding for it? I retrofitted but whenever I call out or receive an incoming call the microphone works fine (the other party can hear me) but my Audi speakers are not coming on. On the MMI display it has a speaker icon next to the reception bars and bluetooth symbol but it has a line over the speaker icon..... I tried turning up volume etc but no luck.... Could it be a coding issue? I have non NAV concert radio/CD.

I have the 1.8TFSI MY10.

If you have vagcom then it should include the helper part that pops up to show you the coding you can select for the given module, so no point asking others for there coding as yours may or may not be different to there's.
Ok thanks. I think my coding is correct. I will bring my car in to have it checked out, maybe the wiring to NF+ and NF- might not be flush.....
Its funny you think those 2 wires are an issue as these would cause problems yes.

Who did the install, as tbh if a company, then they should resolve full stop & you should solder the joints.
Thanks NHN. Yeah I can't seem to think anything else as coding seems ok and I don't think it's a coding issue because it wouldn't make sense why I can hear a very faint sound from the front right speaker and "nothing" on the front left.... Unless you think it could be something else?

I wonder if they soldered the joints. Can it be don ewithout soldering or any other method?

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know they fixed it. He has to add something to the loom(some sort of plug) to connect to the quad lock and it fixed it... Not sure what it was though...

Ah so missing wiring :p glad resolved.