Wiper linkage

Broken Byzan

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Apr 26, 2004
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Cardiff, United Kingdom
Silly question, i know the wiper linkages sieze up and are replaced on a regular basis on these and B5s.

Has anyone recently changed theirs and want to give me the old one for a bit of a hybriding i need to do to mine to get the B7 aero wiper on my car.

I know its an odd request and i will sort the postage out etc
Its a good idea, I'd be up for picking up a second hand linkage to refurb and swap with mine.
James, is yours playing up?

I need to basicly hack the splines/spindles and fit them to a B5 so i can use the posh Aero wipers on her. Other wise it's find someone to make some collet/spacers ilke these but for an audi
Yeh mine get slow from time to time, I've managed to prevent seizing thus far by liberal use of WD40 on the mechanism, but they're not going to last forever! I'd like to pick up an old mechanism from someone's who's replaced theirs and clean and lubricate it in advance so that I can just do a straight swap one day.