A bit of random anything..

As always.. random..

What was you thinking?
Why do angels have dust ?
What was you thinking?

....I was thinking what are you lot thinking.

I was bored.

This place has become a little quiet/boring over the past couple of days. Think it needs a good argument or debate or something. :eyebrows:
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Lol - i see you successfully provoked some 'debate' on benskin's thread for kicks :gun2:
LOL - indeed matey!! You are like the ASN puppet master (there is a less graceful term for this behvavior also)

But to be honest, it was when he started attacking his grammar that I started my bit.

Some on here become grammar cops. Your mate included. :no: :sly:
Sup Aythree

Howsit goin m8 and watzup wit you fat ride. Was cruzing yday and this tw*t woz up me a$$. So i slammed me brakes to scare him sh!tless bro. I tell ya I'm the friggin G around ere.

I understand when people go into 'text slang' it is frankly a bother to read but the the explaination on the thread was pretty coherant and didnt think it warranted an attack :angrymod:.
I just read that Benskin thread !!! That was Fu*!ing funny. Gotta be careful the fuzz are ****** everywhere..

Yeah Smudge_Don was pulling Tazz up on grammar on that dog bite thread. Maybe he wanted to stir it up a bit too.

It Worked !!!

Long live this random thread.... Keep it up. Is good reading.
Why is salmon pronounced salmon, but salmonella is pronounced saLmonella (with the L)?????
Why do toenails grow slower than fingernails???
Just read the thread in question. No comment on what happened there!!
did you know that the techtonic plates move at the same rate as your fingernails grow?
did you know that the techtonic plates move at the same rate as your fingernails grow?

:applaus:i was completely scrathing my head when I read this!
Shall we start a debate..?

Nah leave it to ASN puppet master to initiate it all.

What I want to know the meaning of is your signature. Care to elaborate?
Nah leave it to ASN puppet master to initiate it all.

What I want to know the meaning of is your signature. Care to elaborate?

No real meaning, just tried to be as cool as the rest..:) though i did drive them cars on one of them driving days. Havn't got an audi as of yet because no1 will insure me, but will be soon :)
WTH - 564 posts and you don't have an Audi lol!!!

How comes no one will insure you? Are you 17 or something :ermm:
Wow never really realised that! Just joined in with banter and detailing sections. few on a3/s3 section, but its fun to read! Good knowledge to when i come to buy one! Im 20 but for some reason insurance is just sky high and not affordable for a broke uni student, but im hoping next year when im 21, things should be a little different.
That's a lot of bantering!!

I'm suprised you can't find insurance on an Audi to be honest unless you have 0 no claims, points and unsettled claims.

You'll find that being broke is the norm no matter what stage of life you are at!
Dictionary's WORD OF THE DAY:


A tenderfoot; greenhorn; newcomer.
***** Rolled before 9.30...i'm a happy man!

Anyone had any experience of spd pedals on bikes? Gonna give it a try tonight, see how many times I fall off.
I'd never heard of them, until now.

Film your attempts. Please. :laugh:

Listen young man, if I manage to get my wife to video anything it will not be me falling off a bike numerous times! It will involve a magical pole and bouncing! :)
Just had a cup of tea, and Digestives dunked in it is :rockwoot:

Apart from when this happens.....

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Just discovered I have a Revo Select Plus switch. Happy days.
I just realised that I spend very little time in the a4 b6 forum...most likely since I have no money and all the mods people do just make me want to do my own.

Plus, aythree's random threads are cool. And so's your mum. :)
Toy Story 3 in 3D is amazing!!!!
Dave you misunderstood.

The Benskin comment was referencing Aythree playing the puppet master when someone decided to have a pop at Benskin for his grammar. That someone turned out to be a police officer.

The dog thread is no laughing matter and the guys were not making fun of the situation whatsoever. If you read that thread then you would have seen the concern and comments made from the folk here.

The final comments reference this particular thread only regarding the random topic.

I can understand how these comments may be been confusing had you not read all the threads but I assure you that at no time was any ill-intent aimed towards anyone.

Everyday mindless fun was all this was to be honest and yes we certainly act like kids most the time but in this case I don't think 'knobheads' was applicable.

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