Cant get brake carriers off?


Max M4X WW

Hi, Trying to change the discs and pads on my mates A4 for a favour.

I cant get the carrier bolts undone, I've removed the calliper and pads but the bolts are tighter than I've ever found

Am I missing something? Backwards thread?

I recently replaced my calipers and found it really difficult to remove the two carrier bolts, in the end I had to purchase a 1/4 or 1/2 (can't remember which one)square universal joint and an extention bar for leverage existing wrench just was'nt doing it. You might want to soak the bolts in some WD40 first.
Just whack the bottom of the disc with a hammer and then turn it a bit and do same again, it will come off, clean the hub with a wire brush and fit new disc, you dont need to take off the carrier
There was no way the disc was coming off without removing the carrier.

Turned the steering, bigger breaker bar and did it in the end. They were just FT for some reason.