2005 Allroad 180bhp


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Jul 18, 2010
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Hi there,

Thinking of buying a low mileage (31000) A6 Allroad Special Edition which comes with full Audi service history from new.

Is there anything specific I should look out for ?

Can anyone tell me whether or not this model is equipped with a tow bar with removable hitch as standard ?

I have received conflicting stories regarding whether or not the tow hitch is included or not.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me.


don't think it was standard although i have removable fitted to mine. mines is a 74000 mile version with all the toys as its final edition (possibly what yours is) easy way to tell is whether you can see the socket for the power from car to trailer, need to have a good look under the rear bumper as you can't see it as clear as you do on normal equipped towbar cars

also have a quick check of the cv joints etc for play in them/knocking, i just got some trouble with mine (wouldn't have expected cv joint to go so soon although the boot had gone which could have explained it) which actually looks like it might be bearing in the gearbox so make sure you check its as should be

other than the above i've been mega happy with mine, had it almost 2 years which is not normal for me!!