Will this work with the RNS e?


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Feb 24, 2009
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I have heard about Phatnoise but i'm looking for around 50GB. i think the pahtnoise can't be controlled with the buttons on the rns e. is this true?
no the phatnoise was integrated with the rns-e used to be a specable option, im not sure but you may be able to insert your own hardrives, speak to marc overe at vagoc he has one and should be able to tell you more 50gb is a lot of music!
TBH mate, I would upgrade your current rns to the mk2 version, sdhc cards 32GB each, much better res, quicker route calc, AMI, thats the best route, I can supply a mk2 rns.
Yeah higher end of scale tbh delivered.
i've had a look on ebay uk but there is non at the moment, where have you seen them for sale mate?
Nigel has has this magic hat.

He pulled out some '09 rear lights withing a span of 2 hours for me. :salute:
how about an ipod with the alpine unit, offers much better control and also video over the standard audi fitment

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