strange rattle on start up


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Dec 4, 2008
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basingstoke england
hi all ive got a 1.6 FSI sport a3 and every now and again when i start it there is a very strange rattle from the engine like the tappets or something i cringe every time it happens and it makes people look lol just wondering if its something i should be worryed about and change something soon as pos , and my mates 09 plate golf 1.4TSI makes the same noise cheers fran :think:
it won't be a DSG. the 1.6 FSI was never available as an auto
ive got the same car as you, and have been getting this noise for the last 8-9 months. ive heard alot about timing chains being the culprit, but not 100%. i would be very grateful to anyone who knows any other info???
no its not an auto as sub39h says dsg was not an option on a 1.6 fsi , i have heard that it could be a timing chain tensioner but how could it be the same on my mates 7000 mile 09 plate golf hmm weird but i will try and release the key a bit earlyer 2 see if thats any better lol , is it just a problem with fsi engines

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