10 Pin ISO Plug?


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Anyone know where I can source a bare ended 10 pin iso plug? I want to be a cheapskate and make my own telemute set of wires using such a plug to hook onto a Parrot CK3000 for my brother. The other option is to spend the 20quid for an autoleads ready made lead but thats about 20 quid + pnp. I was gonna be cheap and see if I can source a plug like the standard 8 pin ISO's (power + speaker) for this task.

For those that don't know, the 10 pin has the mute, tel + and tel - I require.


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It's not a standard plug, unlike the ISO plugs for power/speakers,
Just buy some small spade teminals (ones used for minus terminal on speakers) from Maplins, insulate them and just plug them in to the 2 pins you need, cost about 50p.