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1 Year Wax Protection

ardandy Nov 4, 2006

  1. ardandy

    ardandy Registered User

    Wouldn't normally put a detail like this up as it's pretty standard (about 4 hours) but this wax I've started using should last between 6-12 months if applied correctly. Details in the post for those who want to buy some for themselves! (Or get someone to do it for you! :whistle )

    Thought it might be useful for anyone who can't be bothered waxing their car more than once a year! :)


    Gail's Astra SXI had no protection when she bought it and hasn't had any applied since then either! As the weather's getting worse she decided it was time to spend a very small amount of money looking after what she spent around £14,000 on earlier on in the year.

    It had swirls and the usual stuff you expect to inherit from a main dealer but she wasn't bothered for that and stuck with a really good clean and winter protection.

    We had the car delivered to us the night before so made a start then to save us having to get up too early! Because of this there aren't any good before pics! :(

    We started off by using the Karcher on the arches and alloy wheels, followed by using Meguiars De-Greaser on the wheels and Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner on the arches. A long handled brush was used to get into the arches and scrub them clean, it did it's job and they came up a treat. Due to the shape of the alloys we were able to use microfibres on them, which we prefer, as opposed to using an alloy wheel brush.

    This is a picture of one of the alloys, not very clean Gail!


    This is the only before picture we had! Ooops!


    It's now the next day!

    Our first task was to wash the car. We used the Karcher once again to rinse away any loose dirt and using Megs Hyper Wash and Lambs Wool Wash Mitts, give her a good clean! This was done twice. We also sprayed Megs APC over the car to remove any previous wax (hopefull thinking I know!)

    Here's me in action and a picture of the car all foamy!



    The car was then dried off using Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels and a can of compressed air! We also gave the car a spritz of Megs Last Touch before drying it down.

    Now the car was clean (it didn't need claying), we moved onto the engine bay. Meguiars Super De-Greaser, a couple of soft brushes and some microfibres were used. Here's a pic!


    Due to the increasingly threatening weather, the car was moved into the garage so we could apply the sealant, choosing Meguiars #20 Synthetic Sealant for the job! This was applied with applicator pads and wiped off with plush Pakshak Microfibres.

    Now what to use for the wax I wonder? Yep, Collonite 476! For the un-informed, 2 coats of this stuff should last up to a year before re-application is necessary! Applied once again using applicator pads and wiped off with Pakshaks.

    All that was left was to clean the glass with Autoglym Fast Glass and dress the trim and rubbers with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care.

    Here's the finished article! Un-fortunately Mr Sun didn't want to come out and brighten the pictures up!









    A poor 50/50 picture of a before and after of the alloy wheel!

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  3. batwad

    batwad Registered User

    Sweet. So this once-a-year-waxing, how do you go about washing the car in the meantime? Do you need to use special cleaners or be careful not to damage the protection when washing?
  4. JD09

    JD09 I'm not modding, I'm improving VCDS Map User

    476 is a great wax if you have little time on your hands.

    But that is all it is good for. I use to apply it to my wheels throughout winter to give them more protection, but it is very very dull on paint work.

    Daily hack? Yes! Your pride and joy? Stick to something else if you want added looks.

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