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1 Week of Ownership... Mixed Emotions... (Not the RS3's fault!)

MB RS3 Nov 12, 2013

  1. MB RS3

    MB RS3 Member

    Thanks Mark, apolgies for the late reply, i have been really busy with work and haven't been on ASN for a week or so.

    They found a Nail/Screw embedded in the tyre which "caused" the blowout. But all is well now and the car is back and im starting to enjoy her again!

    With regards to the F1 im already missing it. Can't wait for next March! Hopefully the field can close down the gap to Red Bull, the likes of Mercedes are meant to have a good power unit in the making for next year. Going to be intresting to see the 1.6T V6 producing 750bhp through the Rear Wheels, the Torque on them is meant to be out of this world, Pirelli will have to build decent tyre compounds for next year, otherwise they could have a "few more" complaints coming there way. I'll be rooting for Lewis next year, give him the car & he is more than capable of matching Vettel, saying that so is Fernando. Roll on next year!
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  2. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter Team Cornflower Blue Team Daytona Gold Supporter Team Sahara Silver Audi RS3 Audi TT Audi A1

    But Mal, Pirelli has been doing EXACTLY as asked.

    The viewers and so called 'expert' pundits thought the races un-interesting and wanted more excitement so Pirelli, the FIA having banned re-fuelling, were asked for tyres that would NOT last; make the drivers and teams do a little more in the 'strategy' is what was asked for and that now is EXACTLY what we have...

    It IS the reason Webber can't hang onto the **** (a technical term :readit:) end of Vettel, Vettel can manage his tyres - and Webber has said this more than once - that he (Webber) can't.

    So Webber IS just as fast as Vettel over a single lap but 180-miles into the race, he just can't match it (or start the race fast enough even?).

    Even the bl**dy Red Bull engineers can't understand how Vettel does it, but he just does.

    You can go back to races where Mansell, for example, was involved; the engine re-builders could always differentiate between Mansell's and Piquet's engines just by the wear rates within: drivers ARE different, even in the same car, just look at the Mercedes and McLaren drivers with a none-nationalistic view.

    How people find F1 engineering and racing boring I just don't know - maybe they just watch the race on Sunday, maybe...

    BUT if I were Pirelli, I'd be suing the **** off those teams - running their tyres the wrong way and under pressure - and for bringing Pirelli tyres such negativity. I cannot start to calculate the money they must have lost through this F1 tyre shambles.

    As you say, next year we'll have the same BHP but with FOUR x the Nm, I for one can't wait! And if they don't allow Pirelli to test the new tyres (and it should not have escaped your notice that Red Bull were the only F1 team who even bothered to run next years tyre on a wet Brazilian race track - just wait for the moans from the others next year that Red Bull are again technically in front) then that's gonna make it more interesting for the Sunday viewer.

    For me, F1 is about a set of rules, a group of engineers, a car, a driver, huge logistics, politics I don't understand, a Sunday somewhere, anywhere; and a 200-mile race in whatever conditions prevail.

    And I don't care who wins, only who achieves the objective.

    Oh, and the race is rarely won on Sunday, it's invariably won on the preceding 3-practice sessions.

    PS: sorry about the tyre and happy that you and your car are of, and if you do vist - but NOT on an F1 weekend - be prepared to discuss (1968 to 2013) F1. :racer:
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  3. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter Team Cornflower Blue Team Daytona Gold Supporter Team Sahara Silver Audi RS3 Audi TT Audi A1

    I'm gonna open up an 2014 F1 thread. Some of you may have realised that F1 is a passion of mine (and mine in-doors also). We're NOT into ball games, ok Brazilian beach volleyball is worth risking one of my own eyes for a while, but F1 for me/us is the only sport that religiously draws interest is F1.

    I like 'rally' too, but the parameters change too much - first car through the stage clears away all of the sh*t, etc., so an ever changing circuit.

    I want to like bikes, but just can't get past the first 5-laps,; though I do wake up for the presentations, it must have the same attractions as the brolly holders on the grid, I guess.

    So I'll maybe start an F1 thread in the New Year (and a happy one to all, and all that) unless someone else goes there first.

    Me, I don't care who wins an F1 race. As an engineer, and proud of it, it's the challenge that hooks me to the game. I just want to see the trials and tribulations and the end result of any particular event, wherever that may be, and then move on to the next one...

    GO Bernie, well done you... :respekt:
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  4. L1ARR

    L1ARR Active Member

    Bring it on I love F1, a big thumbs up from me.
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  5. MB RS3

    MB RS3 Member

    Yes John! DO IT! :thumbsup:

    hoping for a great F1 Season next year!

    Oh & John a e-mail will be on it's way to your shortly mate
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