1 Month old S1 - Brake Squeal

Hi everyone, I wanted to see whether anyone else has had this same issue i'm experiencing with my 5 week old S1 brakes and also anything similar to the appalling customer service received by Stansted Audi!

I took delivery of a brand new Audi S1 on the 27th of September and unfortunately after 3 days of owning the vehicle it developed a loud brake squeal at slow speeds approaching traffic lights and pulling in to car park spaces etc

Being a vehicle technician myself for a rival german manufacturer I understand that problems can occur with new cars which would can be resolved, but after having to take the vehicle back to the selling dealership on 5 separate occasions within the first 5 weeks of owning the vehicle and still for them to not have resolved the issue.
Couple that with the appalling customer service, Lack of communication when the vehicle has been in the workshop, Finding 2 scratches on the car after the 4th workshop visit and being completely undermined and fobbed off as a 21 year old on his own when meeting with the dealership general managerto discuss the issues.

It seemed like the dealership in general didn't take any of my complaints seriously until the most recent (5th) workshop visit where I contacted Audi UK customer relations and they got intervened.

I picked the vehicle up this evening, after a four day workshop visit having the front and rear brake discs & pads replaced, I drove the car 40 odd miles this evening only to hear the dreaded brake squeal yet again!!!

I've got to the point now where all I want to do is hand the keys back to the dealer and demand my money back, Which After seeking impartial advice from the Motor Ombadsman I am withing my rights to do and will be doing in the morning!

Wanted to put a message out there to see if anyone had experienced the same fault with an S1 and if anyone had received the same level of customer service!



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£3.85 and it fixed the same problem for me but I'm not expecting it to last forever. If the squeal comes back, I'll switch to Mintex pads.