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I recently installed a set of leather heated seats in my Audi A3 8V 2015. The seats went in without a problem. I noticed they had an extra connector which turned out to be for heaters within the seats. As I'm sure many of you will appreciate, having an unused connector hanging around under the seat didn't feel right. To cut a long story short, a new climate control module was installed (with heated seat buttons), car coded to accept heated seats, and a wiring loom from kufatech was installed. Very pleased with my work, I started the car in preparation for a satisfyingly warm seat. Suffice to say I was not satisfied. I tried both seats but no joy. I connected VCDS to the car, and after clearing the countless errors from having the battery disconnected, I was able to see one persistent error: Voltage Supply: Terminal 30 for Seat Heaters - Open Circuit. I have had a look in Elsawin but I cannot find any reference to terminal 30. Could someone educate me as to where I will find this?


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Basically check your wiring as heating supply isnt connected.