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Hello, I currently own Audi A4 B6 sedan 1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro and I would like to upgrade to GTB2260VK from 3.0TDI. I plan to upgrade to FMIC, Firad 80 injectors, race camshaft, performance dualmass and clutch, 70mm exhaust. The car is a daily driver and my tuning company told me to aim for safe 280-290hp. Anybody done something similar? I know that this turbo will go pretty well from 2500rpm and higher but what about daily low rpm drive? How do I have to drive with this turbo? What RPM range? My normal daily drive is currently 1500-2300RPM. What will be appriopriate with this turbo so I will not hurt it and so I will be able to spool it enough for car not to be totally lazy. Thank you for every reply, I appreciate it!


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Will suffer down low, can't say I have experience with this specific setup but was considering something similar before settling on lower but more usable horses. Budget for more than double what your expecting to pay and remember going over double the power is never going to be "safe" as such, nor will wide open throttle be economical, nor will it show up cars designed to be quick, hate saying all this but speaking from experience (admittedly thought mine was fast until changing to a bigger engined turbo four wheel drive petrol car which was designed to be fast).


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Will be laggy as..

90% of normal driving will suffer .

Love the low rpm spool of the standard turbo , its happy at 30 in 5th and 40 in 6th.

This is why Saab and Mercedes were doing 180 - 201 BHP 1.9 - 2.1 dervs with biturbo .

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Any turbo thats converted to vac if done incorrectly will be laggy. Plus set up of the stop screw is very important, half a turn can make a big difference. You must measure emp other wise you have no chance.

Over 10 years ago I had a pd with a 2260 which use to make 1.7bar @ 2300 rpm