1.9tdi oil temperatures?


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Hi guys,

I've changed my thermostat recently (old one was opening on low temperatures) and did an oil change + belts change.

Now, my temperature gauge is dead set on 90C once the engine has warmed up and everything seems kinda fine.

But, one thing I did notice is, if I check the oil temperature in my board computer, these are the values that I get:

1. 93C - city driving, lots of traffic lights, so basically this is regular temp.
2. 102-105C - highway driving on 2500-2800rpm (~110-130kmh)
3. ~ 110C - highway driving around 3100-3300rpm (~140-160kmh)

Are these values ok, or are they a bit high? Should I worry about them?


Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)
Normal for engine oil to peak at just over 100C (the boiling point of water). Normal synthetic engine oils can withstand 150C


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So is 110 too hot? I mean it was ~40 deg outside and I run it with A/C on but still I don't think I remember these temperatures from before I replaced thermostat... I think they were lower ~5-10 degrees... So I was wondering what are the experiences of other people here?


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I've checked out our X6 35i (because it has oil gauge instead of useless water gauge) and it always sits at about 110-120 degrees Celsius while driving. So this should be perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, oil is supposed to be hotter than your coolant.


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You're in Croatia and it's hot over there, so oil will be a bit hotter than normal but all perfectly within limits.