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1.9TDI needs a camshaft and lifters genuine or aftermarket kit advice please.

Troubs12 Mar 31, 2019

  1. Troubs12

    Troubs12 Registered User

    Hey guys well that times come for my little old faithful 1.9 BKC. I had a little vibration at idle for a while now and last week I did this years oil change and found a bit of swarf in there.

    So off comes the sump to clean and check out/replace the shells. After that was done the vibrations gone but the oil pumps on the way out so it now idles beautiful but clacks at high revs. I decided to check out my lifters as if see far to many “chocolate cams” while at Audi and low and behold the lifters are almost gone and 1 and 4 cams are knackered.

    I’m going to price up/order the parts tomorrow I was just wondering if anyone has any feed back or experience with some of the aftermarket kits that I see online. The price seems abit too good to be truth for it to last more than a month.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks

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