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For Sale 1.9tdi 2006 a4 b7

Shaun Osborne Nov 18, 2020

  1. Shaun Osborne

    Shaun Osborne Registered User

    Currently in process of buying new car, so my 2006 1.9tdi will be getting sold. Its saloon in Akoya silver, bkd engine, 130k on the clock, full service history(mainly Audi), New tyres, pads and discs all round, new rear calipers, uprated suspension, front arb, lower arms, drop links. Tidy motor all round.

    Any offers are welcome, but I'm not desperate to sell so no stupid offers please
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  3. Shaun Osborne

    Shaun Osborne Registered User

    Only pic so far

    Full service History with 8 services done at Audi main dealer.

    Timing belt and water pump recently done using high quality parts.

    4 new tyres

    Pads and discs all round

    Two brand new rear calipers

    Uprated springs and shocks(KW sp10)

    2 front arms

    2 drop links

    2 front anti roll bar bushes

    Audi owners file

    Egr valve is cleaned regularly

    £££s spent with reciepts

    Has not be messed about with by remaps etc

    This the the 1.9 pd engine BKD engine code, which is known to be THE best diesel VAG engine ever made.

    132000 miles which is nothing for this kind of engine(may go up as still in use until my new one arrives)

    The private plate is not part of the sale, and the original registration is on retention and will be reassigned prior to sale. The LED lights are being taken off and replaced with the original set.

    I'm not in a huge rush to sell so won't be accepting rediculous offers but I'm happy to negotiate a deal.

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  4. Gazwould

    Gazwould Registered User

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  5. Shaun Osborne

    Shaun Osborne Registered User

    BKE Engine
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  6. Shaun Osborne

    Shaun Osborne Registered User

    1.9TDI BKE

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