1.8tfsi remap


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Evening all. I'm very tempted to put a deposit down on an Audi approved B8 1.8 tfsi (160bhp). Coming from a 2.0tfsi S-line SE with 220bhp, I'm already thinking about a remap. Has anyone got any experience of Bluefin as I believe the map can be set back to factory settings by me should the car need to go into Audi for any warranty work ? Will a remap make a big difference to the way the 1.8t drives, as in, a bit more torque at motorway speeds. I know the 2.0t is the obvious answer, but this ticks most of the boxes apart from performance :) Thanks, Kev


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mine is mapped not Bluefin tho
the 18 driver good as is
but with the map its a lot better.
also yos you can set back to standard map with Bluefin but if audi want to know they can tell