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1.8tfsi Exhaust

Chris Wheatcroft Jan 7, 2018

  1. Chris Wheatcroft

    Chris Wheatcroft Registered User

    Good after Guys and Girls,

    I am looking to put an after market exhaust on my 2013 avant, but I can't seam to find any one who supplies an exhaust for my engine and was wondering if the exhaust system on 2.0TFSI is the same? I have a feeling they are and am thinking of getting one of them and fitting it. But just wanted to check to see if any one thought differently?

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  3. deanosabby

    deanosabby Active Member VCDS Map User

    You would be better getting a custom built one Chris. I got a one built for my 2.7TDI A6 for £600 from the cat back at a local exhaust builder and it was a dual outlet so was twice the price of a single outlet.
  4. Chris Wheatcroft

    Chris Wheatcroft Registered User

    I have just looked into a custom made one and you seam to get quite a good deal. thanks
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  5. Chris Wheatcroft

    Chris Wheatcroft Registered User

    It has been a while since I have updated this thread. So just after I put this post I found a custom exhaust builder and as a start we had the centre silencer removed. That has made the exhaust nice and loud, but after all this time we have had enough of the weird noise it makes as on cold start up and half throttle. To describe the noise,it is best to say that is sounds like a wet fart. So this Friday we are having a full stainless steel system built for the cat back. So my question to you all is, would you go for one or two silencers? I am feeling that we will go for one.
  6. Alexwaller

    Alexwaller Registered User

    As I found out the US don’t get the 1.8T engine for the B8 so there are very few companies that have made exhausts as it’s usually US companies.
    I have got a Jetex system on mine that is non-resonated quad tip stainless which looks great and sounds pretty good.
    It is just not happy at the moment as I have a quantum tune especially now I have an APR intake so it needs a custom or at least stage 2 tune.
    I believe the exhaust system route is the same for the 1.8T and the 2.0T as well as the 2.0TDI from what I’ve heard. It’s just the downpipe I believe that is different.
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