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1.8T Turbo Choice - Read a lot already, after opinions

fussellwadman Oct 19, 2019

  1. fussellwadman

    fussellwadman New Member


    Just signed up as I know there will be a lot of people here who know this inside out.

    I've read a lot about the various options here and elsewhere but the more I read of all this general info the more it gets muddied up.

    If we forget any issues of fitment, plumbing and custom downpipes and just focus on the engine and turbo that'd be cool.

    The criteria is oddly specific as I would like to be at the lower end of the 300bhp to 400bhp bracket on a stock *sized* 1.8 AGU with a near stock rev limit and some rods in the mix.

    To get it out the way first, K04 Hybrid. Eevery time I see one mentioned it's maxxed out and has WMI and this and that. That's all good and there are some impressive cars about, Badger5's Lupo and so on, but without Meth and without a need to go much past 300bhp for example, would EGTs still be mental?

    Either way, I come back to the usual worries over cracks forming and the tiny housings naturally lending themselves to getting hotter than hell...

    So that leads to the next option which would be a Garrett. I like the idea of a 2860 but I'm not sure if it would run out of puff for trackdays? If that would, a K04 Hybrid sure would, so kind of a mute point I guess.

    Next in line seems to be a 3071 as you're not sacrificing hugely in the lag department, yes there's a chunk more, but on a track with a gear stick at your disposal it is what it is, but with way more headroom.

    I think being honest that a 3071 would give more power than is required, I have a lightweight FWD A3 and will use it at Thruxton which is relatively wide open. Would exhaust valves want to be included if it went this far or would it be no more (or even less) of a concern than with a red hot K04 Hybrid?

    Interested to hear the opinions around on this. What did you go for or what are you planning on going for?

    Thank you!
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  3. fussellwadman

    fussellwadman New Member

    Forgot to mention, missed an obvious one in the post before.

    This K04-064 that's on a few quick 1.8T's (some of which seem to reside here) I've seen at tracks recently... Bolted to a 1.8T with one of the available adapter plates, running at 330 / 340, would you be as concerned with cracking of the manifold / housing as you would with an old 1.8T K04?

    I know given the larger size and capacity the EGTs won't be as worrying and especially as I won't have to push it as hard.

    Truth be told I'm leaning toward the K04-064 or possibly a GTX2867 but it'd be on a sh*tty cast manifold if I went Garret, so not ideal, plus I dislike the whole Garret "no servicing, buy a new core" deal almost as much as I dislike the idea of cracks showing up in OEM K0__s.

    Thanks again!
  4. fussellwadman

    fussellwadman New Member

    Wow forums really are dead.

    Thanks to everyone who had a gander either way.
  5. Bluepower

    Bluepower Active Member

    The K04-064 will suit your wishes pretty well. as you already mentioned, at least upgraded rods are necessary. WMI is optional, but does help prevent knock and lower EGT.
    but for yourself, you need to make the comparison in budget between a K04-064 with all parts needed(adapterplate, DP, oil/water lines, intake) vs the GTX2867, to see which is the more preferable.
    If ' only shooting for around 350hp, I would get the K04-064, although at those power levels, the turbo is almost out-of-breath. the GTX will push beyond that, but at considerably higher costs(core turbo+manifold is more expensive then a K04-064)

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