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1.8t startup problems

myth Mar 4, 2018

  1. myth

    myth Member

    Hello all,

    My girlfriend has bought an 2002 audi a3 1.8t aum engine and has a random start up problem.

    The problem is very rare, maybe just twice per month, but when it happens, when she starts the engine, it stutters very violently, like it-s about to blow up.

    Sometimes the engine dies and she has to restart the engine and everything is perfect. Sometimes the engine is barely running, but after 5 seconds it recovers and the engine runs well.

    She always waits till the fuel pump in tank shuts off, then switches on the engine. There are no fault codes stored.

    This issue is only when its starting the engine. There are no issues while the engine is running, idle is fine, pulls like a train...

    Appreciate your help!
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  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B Well-Known Member

    How have you tested for faults? Using VCDS or android torque (or similar) VCDS usually stored more codes. It sounds like a misfire of sorts.
  4. myth

    myth Member

    Yes, I did scan with vagcom and there are no fault codes.
  5. MfkerHR

    MfkerHR Member

    I had same problem sometimes when engine is cold (mornings in winter) car was working on 2 sometimes on 3 cylinders sound is awful. I changed ignition coils all four and no problems so far. I have 1.8t agu mark

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  6. myth

    myth Member

    Soulnd't an ignition coil throw a knock fault code?

    Just discovered another symptom: the engine fires up, but has absolutely no power. If you try to move the car, it just dies, restart the engine and everything is fine...

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