1.8t Sport Convertible remapped today


1.8T Sport Cabriolet
Today I finally got round to having my A4 remapped. I gave the job to JBS Auto Designs based in Chesterfield.

And what a difference it made to my convertible. Its pushing out about 200bhp now which has turned it into a much more driveable car.

The drive back to Birmingham along the A38 was great, I had some funny games with other motorists who thought their company cars where fast.:hubbahubba:
My mate also had his 1.9tdi Avant remapped at the same time, and that pulls like a train now:hubbahubba:
Just deciding whether I go back to have the stage 2 remap, which includes a full Milltek system with sports cat etc.:idea:


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I have stage 2 and what a difference it is with the Full miltek.
You think its sharp now, wait till you get the miltek - has to be done!!!!!!!!


1.8T Sport Cabriolet
Has anyone else had there convertible remapped ?????


1.8T Sport Cabriolet
Im considering have mine done but don't know if the extra 20bhp is worth it?

What engine is your car? Mines a 163bhp sport and its been remapped to 200bhp, its much more fun to drive around. Well worth the money:hubbahubba:


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Get a stage 2+ with TT injectors and the exhaust should see around 235bhp


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Prob not worth remapping a 3.0 afraid

may give them a ring about mapping my BEX engine