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1.8t audi a4 does unisettings work?

Revoltas Jun 30, 2018

  1. Revoltas

    Revoltas New Member

    Hello here, so , i've got a question... I got audi a4 b5 1999 1.8t avant 110kw . Electronic throttle cabel.
    Does unisettings work on this car? i've red that ecu has to be boschme7 how do i know if mine is that? Well i've tried with vag com 12.12 and it doesnt work. ( yes i made vag com to dumb mode) but it doesn't help. Engine code is ANB..
    just found out a list and it says 7.5 as i belive. but for some reason unisettings doesnt work.
    i just need to edit fueling maybe there is some other way without this?
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  3. matt66604

    matt66604 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Chances are you’re ecu isnt 7.5 As many B5’s aren’t. There’s a few guides going about for swapping the A4 Ecu to a golf 7.5ecu.

    Or just have your Ecu chipped..

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