1.8T AEB alloy calipers


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Looking for advice & possibly some parts! On my 96 1.8 A4 it's got the pig iron caIipers, which are going to need a complete overhaul, so I was thinking about putting the 1.8T vented setup, however I was looking at getting the alloy calipers & mounts but I'm not sure if they would fit the upright or if I would need to change the flexi pipes?

I'm not looking for anything bigger, and would like to keep to OEM parts (for the calipers & mounts)


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Are you talking about the front or rear?

All front calipers are cast iron barring the last of the S4's, the 1.8T (and the larger engines, plus some of the later 110hp tdi's) just has different (wider) calipers and larger 288mm vented disks (your current disks will be 280mm solid?)

The later rear calipers on FWD models are alloy, but they're not vented, the disks are the same as the earlier models (240mm solid).

Either way, they'll bolt on to the upright as long as you get the carrier with it. Flexis on the front are the same on all B5's, Audi get round the differences by using a small link pipe on the caliper to account for the differences in caliper fluid inlets.
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