1.8T 190 coolant loss


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Hi all,
To my concern I went to check on fluids under the bonnet and all of my coolant had gone.
No overheating or warnings on the dash in the past month, so not sure how long it has been like this - mostly only doing short commute journeys so no time to really heat up . I refilled it to Max on the coolant tank and took it for a drive to try to assess the extent of the problem.
Over 20 miles on B roads average speeds, nothing. A ten mile drive at the UK limit up the A3 and I'd lost to just under the minimum line. A 20 minute rest and a ten mile B-road drive home and it was empty.

I've identified the obvious culprit as the bleeder valve / screw on the coolant return pipe at the top of the engine, which passes just under the plastic cover.
Spewing coolant when hot.

Has anyone any experience of this? I've read they can fail due to being plastic. I will order a replacement and fit, but my question is: is this likely to be the cause or a symptom of something worse (heat/pressure) which has caused the bleeder valve to fail? The rest of the pipe looks okay from what I can see.

Thanks for any help offered.



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Check the coolant flange at the rear of the head, the part that holds the o ring in place erodes away in time (it's just plastic) this takes away the o rings ability to seal.
It leaks down onto the gearbox, you should see tell tale staining from the coolant.
The bleeder screw you can remove and use a large allen bolt in its place.

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