1.8T 163 Quattro - What to look out for?!



Bit of advice needed please if poss.

I'm off to test drive and Avant 1.8T (163) Quattro tomorrow and just wondered what I needed to be looking out for.

Its a 2004 53 and has done 108,000 miles. Seems to have a well documented ASH and reckons Cambelt and water pump done on last service?

Other than the obvious has anyone got any tips for me that might assist in me avoiding a lemon?




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Clutch - Whack in a high gear at 30-40 and floor it
Air con - Cooll
Lumber works!
Gears feel loose and easy
get the garage details for the last few services and call 'em up and check the details - ESPECIALLY the big ticket items like clutch / cambelt...

Aside from that: same as nutkins' advice: high gear, lots of torque and see it there's any slipping...

lesser item, but after some experience, I'd advise chekcing the aircon is cool AND check it doesn't smell like tramp-"wizz" when you put it in ECON mode (mouldy pipes)... it's not a game breaker, but it's a "mare" to get rid of!

aside from that usual stuff: look for heavilly worn (ridged) front brakes, lurches from the drivetrain when you're changing gear, mayo in the oil, etc...


Thanks guys, all great advice.


Went to look at the car, seemed to drive pretty nice.

Oil clean, engine bay tidy.

No sign of any smell from aircon and seemed to work perfectly.

Drove nice, no issues selecting gear. Clutch felt high but read thats usual story. Tried the high gear trick and no sign of clutch slip, seemed sluggish to pull though in 6th, though at 40 I suppose it would. No such problems in lower gear - nice and crisp acceleration and lovely loose action on the gear stick throughout.

Alloys were tatty but would be looking to change them for 05 Polished RS4 reps anyway. Bonnet had a nasty nasty scratch which deffo needs painting (quoted £150 by my local paint shop). The glove box hinge was bust (again seen loads of issues on here) but they will replace this for me. Warning triangle pocket clip was bust. Indicator bulb needs replacing and wipers were crap, but will all be resolved in the MOT.

Nice service history, previous MOT's etc.

I'm tempted at £6600 - basically a straight swap for my current car. I'm not going to get too much off as from looking around it seems reasonable even needing the paint on the bonnet.

I'm going to have another look around but will probably go for it.


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Well you learn something new everyday, I never realised they did a 6 speed in the 163!

Have you got any pics of your potential motor mate??


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Welcome aboard! Car looks very nice, I've put the pics into the thread for you ;)




Nice one mate, thanks for that:thumbsup:

Yeah, I figure the £150 in paint for the bonnet is probably a sacrifice worth making.

I reckon I'll be making the call tomorrow:happy:


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ahhh right, yeah I remember seeing a few like this now and I was baffled when I looked at the badge and there was no RED 'T', With the Sline kit on I was expecting a 190 edition.
just verify the service history (cambelt) and looks like it's a sweet car - love those S-Line kits...

And yeah: the 40mph in 6th isn't supposed to show you the car's accelleration ;) It's just to check the clutch at peak "torque to resistance" ratio as if the clutch is on it's way out, that's when it'll happen first.