1.8 TQS VALUE?????


2000 a4 1.8tqs-yellow
May 3, 2008
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Whats one worth these days? I can get one cheap so just wondering if its worth buying and sorting whats wrong to sell on. Needs rear wheel bearing,thermostat,brakes and a good tidy up. I want to buy it but its not the best time for me but its local and the price is right.
i just paid £680 for mine v plate facelift model just needed a cv joint and windscreen for mot,if its not the best time to buy dont unless its an easy quick fix to move it on,do a quick costing of parts on euro car parts to get some idea of repair costs before you buy if you know whats gonna be needed for repair,£1500-£2000 max for an imaculate car if your lucky but more like £1000-£1250ish its a buyers market,i only bought mine because if it all went tits up i could use it for spares for my 2.8q.
hope this helps a little.
Whats one worth these days? I can get one cheap so just wondering if its worth buying and sorting whats wrong to sell on. Needs rear wheel bearing,thermostat,brakes and a good tidy up. I want to buy it but its not the best time for me but its local and the price is right.

buy it and break it. i'll have the rear seat base if it's half leather
£680 is a ****** bargain. Im not going to bother now anyway. The main thing that drew me to it was the fact it had a recon gearbox last year with a new clutch and flywheel. Had a remap. Nice colour and it was clean inside. At first was going to buy it and keep it as my wifes car but the astra is cheaper to run etc etc. If i bought it to sell i was going to swap the seats with mine. Same seats but cleaner.
i can't see any for under £2000! suppose im looking in the wrong places..:unsure:
That was my thinking. Most are between 2 and 3k. I could get this one for 1k and maybe spend 200-300 on it but then if it needs new front arms your not making much. Would be worth it to keep for myself.
dunno what abes looking at, but TQS's dont go anywhere near that cheap. I watched one a few months ago that went for that kinda money and the engine was in pieces in the boot lol. Maybe he's talking about normal 1.8T's

I paid £1900 for ours, and it had a few niggly faults (ABS sensor was the main one listed on the advert)
there was one for sale a few months ago in cov s plate 90,000miles for £1795 and that was a trader,i bet you would have bid him £1500 an have bought it warrantee and mot inc,if you can do any work on these cars to get them thro an mot you dont wanna be paying anywhere near what you payed for yours aragorn,my 2.8quattro year 2000 cost me less than your 1.8tq an in my opinion the 2.8 is a better car.

aragorn i bought it off e-bay i bid £770 and won the auction but the car was not as described and haggled the price down to £680 item number 320552053844 car is now been on the road for a few weeks,£60-cv joint/£95-windscreen/£40-mot job done,your just looking in the wrong place at the wrong time mate lol

The 1.8t quattro sport is worth more than the 2.8 mainly as its better on fuel and rarer.Think its better specced too. most TQS seem to be somewhere between 2000-3000 with cheap ones coming in about 1500 from what i have seen.
each to there own mate just going on a comparison with mine,the 2.8 has full leather interior only half on the 1.8tqs, sport suspension same as, better radio concert compared to symphony,your right about mpg tho but for 3 mpg over the same roads i travel to work it neither here or there,the running gear is the same on both cars apart from the engine with the extra tourque of the 2.8 making it a more relaxed drive over a long distance,if i was you i would buy the car if your confident you can double your money, if its that good will it make £2-£3000? you gotta get it done and sold quick,christmas is only 4 months away, good luck if you go for it mate
They didnt release the TQS until after the 1999 facelift, so an S plate one doesnt sound right

the TQS suspension has some improvements over the normal 2.8 quattro, using S4 parts (solid TRE's, additional subframe bracing, different rear wishbones, and others)

Our car had concert, but that went in the bin as its *****.

Our TQS seems to do about 32mpg on a motorway run, and is also more tuneable, with a simple remap easily exceeding the power and torque of the 2.8 motor.

As for your ebay bargain, all i can say is well done. End of the day its a car, on ebay, with no MOT. It could have any manner of things wrong with it, and the price drops as a result.
The one i was looking at was w so 2000. They all had concert stereo with 6cd in the boot from what i can see.
The current value is anything from 2-3k for a mostly working and history'd one,

I want an Avant, but want to buy it and swap my bits into it then sell the saloon so no chance of a spare 2k laying around sadly
currently getting 29.9mpg acording to the dis out of the 1.8 on my daily 12 mile run to work each day spirited drive that is the 2.8 does 27.2mpg on the same run.
2-3k seems kin expensive for what is an 11 year old motor its only knowageable chaps like you chaps that know what they are and tend to keep them so finding that cheap imaculate low milage car is gonna be hard work and take some time for one to come up for sale,
on a side note has anyone maxed out there car? ive done the 2.8 and that supprised me i didnt think it would red line in 5th gear.
foxmeister: it may have been a 1.8T Quattro, but not a TQS.

Thats quite impressive if you acutally reached the rev limiter in 5th.
Is it red line or rev limit though? May be a good 30mph in that.
My 2000 Avant TQS came with a load of goodies.... Sunroof, Cruise control and stealth tow bar, I think the guy went to town on it... it still gets the service (basic) from the stealers but then they give me a "to do" - read "inspection" list, so it still has full dealer history :)
I dont want to sell it though.......
I think if I was hunting for a decent one I would budget for between 2 and £3k. You will find cheaper ones if your willing to get your hands dirty.
I think I would hope to get nearer £3k for mine as its done around 80k miles and I have had it for almost 7 years and has been well looked after. I would put it back standard before selling though and if I was buying I think I would look for a standard one.

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