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1.8 TFSI recommended RON fuel

A789 Oct 7, 2017

  1. A789

    A789 Registered User

    Don't want to start another fuel debate but I'm a bit confused because on my fuel cover it recommends filling with 95 RON fuel but it will take minimum of 91 RON fuel. So because of this I thought that the engine wouldn't take advantage of 98 RON fuel but after decoding the VIN for my car one of the options listed is "Fuel Quality 98 RON", theres no mention of 91-95 RON. Is this just a mistake or did the original buyer request for a 98 RON map from factory for the engine. I'd appreciate any input!
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  3. Tempz

    Tempz Registered User

    Shell V Power every time.
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  4. prt57

    prt57 Registered User

    I doubt the original owner would have been able to request a specific map from the factory for their individual car.
    However, a lot of cars run better on V Power. I used it on an F reg Nova and it allowed me to advance the timing and so in relative terms it was quite nippy.
    We have a 24 year old Metro where it will pink like crazy on 95 RON with the ignition set spot on. Give it a drink of V Power and there is no pinking and once again it makes it more lively.
    In addition we have 4 turbo powered VAG cars and they all use it but 3 of them are remapped.
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  5. paddy

    paddy Registered User

    I find Tesco 99 better than V power but that said on a std A3 you might as well save a lot of money and go for std unleaded which i think is 95 ?.
    A few years back i did quite a bit of testing on the RR and i found the best increase in power was Tesco which gave me 10bhp more on a 3.2 V6 but to be honest 10bhp on 270bhp was only 3.5% and you are unlikely to notice that on the road.
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  6. A789

    A789 Registered User

    If its not possible for the owner to request a 98 map then i'll probably just stick with 95. I tried V Power and didn't notice any difference, but this was only half a tank. Guess I'd have to give it a few full tanks for there to be any difference.

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