1.4 TFSI engine jerks


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Has anyone else who is unfortunate enough to own the 1.4 TFSI experienced any engine running issues?

my car seems to deliver its power in an almost jerky motion until I get the revs above 3000.
It’s almost like the power delivery is stepped rather than smooth and progressive.
I have no engine management light and no faults stored in the ecu either.
If I’m the only one with this issue does anyone know a decent garage that has good knowledge on these engines?

thanks in advance


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try running it on E5. Discussed a lot on the A3 forums.


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It’s a manual.
I only run it on E5. Costs more but worth it. I did try regular E10 just once and the jerking was still there anyway.
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A4 Avant Sport 1.4 TFSI
I’m having similar issues. It’s been running better since using injector cleaner and getting serviced but it’s still not right. Not sure if there is an injector issue, carbon build up on the inlet valves/sensor/whatever. Fuel economy not great either. At 74,000 miles now


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My fuel economy seems down too.
My cars only at 30,000 miles which made me wonder if it needs a good clean out.
I might see if I can get some boost logs too as I’m not sure if maybe the turbo is playing up.
I just hate having to guess so much!


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I’ll buy it and give it a go.
Thanks for the advice.


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Tried running the bg44k through it but no difference.
Does anyone know if these cars have a diverter valve. Seem to remember my old 1.8t years ago had one that started to fail which gave similar issues.