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'06 A3 S-Line 2.0 Tdi 140

cj-46 Feb 10, 2018

  1. cj-46

    cj-46 New Member

    Afternoon guys & gals.
    After my previous car got t-boned and written-off I got myself this A3 as it had nion a full years MOT and looked tidy enough when I looked at it & test drove it.
    Service history is only missing 1 or 2 stamps but the receipts for all the parts are in the pack I got with the car.
    It's on 180k miles - had the cambelt done within the last 10k, I've had the turbo (incl. Oil Flush) and oil cooler done within the last 2k miles and I had it serviced about 600miles ago. Had a compression test done on it (as I read they can go quite often on these - just as a precaution while the garage had it in, did it for nothing as I had them do all the other bits for me) - the reason for the detail is that I'm finding it's still got a bit of, lets say.. 'character'.
    1. Econ light is always on.. puzzled me for a while but after looking I've realised theres a pipe next to the off-side fan in the engine bay that looks like it was once leaning on the fan and has an indent in it - would no pressure in the system cause the Econ light to stay on all the time?(although with the latest temps on the morning work run (around -4degrees C) the light does stay off for the morning drive, yet the drive home it's back on..) - due to the outside temp being read as the expected aircon temp I guess??
    2. When the cars IGN is on the fans kick in and stay on until I turn the car off completely.. and from what I can tell they stay running while I'm driving too - any ideas on this??
    3. The DIS is tempermental when driving, yet with the IGN on and ENG off it stays on all the time - could this just be a dodgy connector giving issues from the engine vibrations?
    4. Before I had the turbo, oil cooler and service done all 3 buttons on the keyfob worked fine.. now it won't unlock the car, yet it will still lock the doors and unlock the boot.
    So now I have to unlock the car with the key (not too bothered if I'm honest) but if I don't put the key in the IGN within 5-10 secs the alarm starts going off.. is this common? (And no.. I don't have a spare key to try to see if it's the battery in the fob - but as the other 2 are working I assumed this wouldn't be the issue??)
    5. I'm getting some mayo-like gunk under the filler cap.. as I only do a 12-15mile round trip every weekday I'm putting it down to moisture build-up on the shorter runs or.. 'it needs a long run or 2' - dip stick is pure black (eg. Only oil - no 'mayo' on it at all) coolant level only dropped once after the system flush so I put that down to a little air in the system from the oil cooler change? Should I worry about this or just make sure I give it an oil change every 5k or so??

    Thanks in advance people for any replies - much appreciated.

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