034 LWFlywheel and spec clutch juddering?


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hi, sorry if this is a silly question but this is the first time ive had a uprated clutch fitted

Car is a a4 b7 2.0T 2wd and just had a 034motorsport lightweight solid flywheel fitted with a spec stage3+ Full friction clutch

Was told the juddering would clear once it's bedded in, done 220miles and it is better but still juddering in 1st when pulling away and into 2nd slightly

Is this normal and will it go? I've been driving normal and very steady on the clutch



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Solid flywheels/SMF's do make more noise and sometimes judder, how much yours judders I don't know. Always a problem with aftermarket parts on modern cars, cure one thing and then something else doesn't seem right. Can you go back to the supplier/fitter and ask him to drive the car to see if he finds it acceptable?