02J and 02M trans


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just a quick Q peeps gonna start work on my clucth and flywheel im guessing i got a 02J as my car is 5 speed but could you let me no how i can find out if i have a 02J or 02M tran i have a 1.8T A3

im guess you think im mad trying this job if i dont no this but what the hell i am mad


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Depends... later A3's had an 02M box with 6th removed....

Giving your reg or VIN number to most factors will net you the correct clutch... there is also a transmission code on the label in the boot...

Having a quick google I found...
Quattro, 5 speed (code "DXW")
Quattro, 6 speed, code "DQB" (225 HP)
exc. Quattro; (5 speed)
Quattro, 6 speed, code "FHB" (180 HP)

Ironically mines says FHB....