wiring loom

  1. B

    A3 8V heated seat wiring

    Hi guys, I have bought S-Line, manual, heated seats from a 2015 A3. I would like to install these seats in a Land Cruiser and use the heated feature. Do you know if it is possible to wire the seats to my Toyota loom? I have a factory plug (Toyota) available under the seats with a positive HIGH...
  2. sheffieldyorky

    A3 8P1 1.9Tdi 2009 help needed please with the drivers door wiring diagram

    Hi there guys and Gals I have just changed my "door actuator" and repaired some broken wires at door multiplug, nothing else. The question is does anybody have any idea what the colours are to operate the door actuator ? Unlock. . . . . . . Lock. . . . . . . . . I can open the door from the...
  3. W55LSY

    Connect2 Cheaper Alternative - with BOSE

    Yo! So, I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative to the connect2 kit for aftermarket unit installation on my S3 which has Bose. £80 is cheapest Connect2 I’ve found. Any FIRST HAND experience with a cheaper kit that ACTUALLY worked? Talk to me.....pleaseeeee
  4. D

    Wiring Loom Repair Question

    Hi all, I have a question I'm hoping someone can help with. I recently installed a new aftermarket HU, which in previous cars haven't been complicated. Since owning my A3 8P I had been thinking of buying one for a while, but was put off by not being able to locate a proper ignition live that...
  5. L

    Mfsw retro fit

    Hi i have brought a 4 spoke mfsw, i have a Chinese type fake rnes audi stereo, what else do i need to get the steering controls to work, at the moment sw is plugged in and not getting any ligbts on the controls, i thought they would at least light up. Thanks
  6. Garagista

    HELP: Unknown engine failure after starter motor fire (B8.5)

    Hi All, Well this is a first post. I've perused this site for a long time and purchased my S5 on the back of a lot of what is said, and what is not said about the S5. Such as the engines are bullet proof. I have a late 2014 B8.5 S5. So my issue is as follows: I was driving down the motorway...
  7. D

    Led door sills

    does anyone know what wire I need to wire these to, I got the ground and only found the permanent live, does anyone know what wire is live when the car door opens or when you unlock the car ?
  8. Flash Alexander

    Wiring Loom Replacement Part Number

    Front left lower engine bay is a wire harness with a couple connectors on either end that somehow got crushed and torn. How can I find a part number to order a replacement? The front most end has an orange connector. The wires within are small gauge with green plastic insulation. HTH
  9. TakeItApart

    1 Fault Found

    I recently installed a set of leather heated seats in my Audi A3 8V 2015. The seats went in without a problem. I noticed they had an extra connector which turned out to be for heaters within the seats. As I'm sure many of you will appreciate, having an unused connector hanging around under the...
  10. CountryGent

    Rear O/S Light Cluster Issue

    Ok, so I took the Quattro to have the wheel alignment done (I will update my thread on that shortly). I had the lights on auto and whilst the car was on the ramp the lights came on. Well all apart from the rear o/s light cluster with the indicator, reverse and taill lights. No problems I...