wing mirror

  1. Stearless

    RHD and LHD Sideview mirror differences?

    Hi everyone, Can anyone confirm if the mirrors and mirror caps are same for both LHD and RHD cars? The only difference being the mount? Or is there a difference in other parts as well? I bought a mirror from UK couple months ago since I couldn't find a LHD one, and now one has pop up but not in...
  2. Stearless

    Wing mirror replacement issue

    Hi everyone, So I've got my passenger sideview mirror smashed by a motorcyclist on motorway a month ago, I ordered a replacement (I believe it is original) used mirror and it arrived yesterday (the whole sideview mirror not just the mirror itself, the whole thing was smashed) and I got it...
  3. D

    How to add Auto Dimming Wing Mirror

    Hello i have a 2013 1.4 Tfsi A3 SportBack. Yesterday i managed to get auto folding mirrors installed on my car. to my surprise there is line on the edge, the wing mirrors are also auto dimming. I already have a rear-view mirror that dims automatically. I'm not sure what I need to do to get the...
  4. D

    can a backing plate which the mirror is clipped in to be replaced in a wing mirror

    can a backing plate which the mirror is clipped in to be replaced in a wing mirror? Someone ripped the glass out of my wing mirror on my a3 last night and stole the back casing aswell but they have snapped the clips off of the back plate as they’ve ripped the glass out, is it posssible to...
  5. A

    8V wing mirror cover removal

    thinking of buying carbon wing mirror covers for my A3 8v Sport but I’m wondering if there’s a way to remove the original covers without having to remove the actual glass mirror first? If you’ve replaced your mirror covers, how did you do it?
  6. D

    2009 A5 d/s wing mirror over rotation

    I wonder if anyone can help? My problem is that the drivers side powered wingmirror seems to over rotate a further 90 degrees past the proper position upon folding out. I then have to manually pull it back into position. Has anyone else had this problem? Is the likely cause some kind of...
  7. G

    Driver side wing mirror needed

    Hi guys, picked up my new 18 plate S5 sportback on the 1st of March and I've been absolutely LOVING it, however as I was driving through Glasgow city centre this afternoon one of the St Patrick's day drunks tried to run across 4 lanes of traffic and smashed into the side of my car knocking my...
  8. B

    S3 Wing mirror fitting help!

    Hello, I have had to replace my driver's side wing mirror, thanks to it being damaged. Getting the door card off and disconnecting the old mirror was fine, as was locating and removing the bolts. However the route that the cable takes from the mirror on the outside to the inside of the door...
  9. S1girl

    Carbon fibre wing mirror covers.

    Anyone interested in buying a pair of carbon fibre wing mirror covers for their Audi a3 8V? Will fit both the 3/5 door models. Lovely little update to the cars looks. Simply unclip the current wing mirror cover, and attach this one. They have only been on my car for 3 months, in perfect...
  10. tonydata

    Quick question on S3 8P1 PFL wing mirror - Clipped

    Hi all, quick q... some d*7k clipped my drivers wing mirror on the S3 (08' plate) managing to put cracks in both the lower black section, and upper silver section, then drove off... I popped in the stealers for a quick price check to replace... £406 apparently...!!! Are there major differences...
  11. DanBastow

    wing mirror removel audi a3

    I'm trying to remove my wing mirros to paint them black on my audi a3 sline 2007 and ive read on hear "just pop out the glass" i tried and ive broke the mirror so i was wanting any more information on how to remove it so i can paint the cover.
  12. Rayner_1704

    stolen mirrors help needed

    Hi I have a 2009 face lift S3 and for the second time now the wing mirrors have been stolen so fed up, can anyone tell me if a facelift A3 wing mirror will fit the car ? Thanks
  13. laudavis

    Offside Side Repeater - MOT Failure - Easy fix?

    Hey All My beloved 8P failed the MOT yesterday on the offside side repeater not working! The chap said that i should be able to just buy that part of it - rather than a whole new wing mirror Can anyone give me some advice on this? Prices etc and how hard a job it would be! Thanks Laura xxxx
  14. Foyaz

    Audi a5 s line side mirror cover install

    Hi guys, So I've been looking online for the past few weeks on how to swap out the a5 side mirrors for some s5 mirror housings thay I purchased. Found a couple guides but they vary on some of the steps. I tried following them myself and got to the part where I'm meant to lift of the case. I...