1. MarijZ

    19” rims or 18”? Coilovers od sport suspension?

    Hey everyone I want to fit probably 19” wheels on my b6 avant… i want to know what it feels like and if the car looses on power over the smaller wheels… i also want to know if i should stick with the sport suspension or put some coilovers on it… i want the car to be pretty comfortable (i dont...
  2. S4 Muzza

    Sold Genuine 18" Audi 9 Spoke Alloy Wheels 5x112 (B5/B6/B7 A4 S4 etc)

    OEM 18” Audi 9 spoke wheels. I believe these were originally found on the B6 A4/S4. Not the easiest to come by in this fitment. Full spec as follows: Part No. 4D0 601 025 AH 18x8 Et43 5x112 Cb 57.1 Recently powder coated in a light/matt silver. There’s a few imperfections in the powder coat...
  3. J

    Audi a3 2014 wheels

    Hi, I am about to buy this car, i was wondering if the wheels are modified (want to avoid it due to insurance) it may be the case of having totally different wheels or them being painted as well as the tinted windows. If you you cannot answer it, who do I ask? I asked the dealership and they...
  4. audi_inspiration

    Audi B8 SE Wheel Size Upgrade - Help

    Hi there guys, I am new around here and would really appreciate if you could help a brother out. There’s my beloved Audi A4 2009 SE to which I’ve been doing quite a bit of upgrades so far and now I believe that the time has come for the wheels as well.. So the ones I got on it now are the...
  5. H

    Wanted Wanted aftermarket 19" alloys wheels 8.5j/9j ET 43 or below..

    Hi, as per the title, ideally some light weight wheels!! drop me a PM or message in the thread Many thanks
  6. Paul DiGiacobbe

    Sold Audi RS3 19” Titanium Finish Wheel Set for Sale

    I am selling the wheels from my 2019 Audi RS3. They have 4000 miles on them. They are all 19” x 8” with ET42 offset. I am asking $975 USD plus $145 to ship in the continental US (will consider outside US, but it will cost more). 3 of 4 of the wheels are perfect, one has some light curb rash. No...
  7. T

    S3 8v - Will 19”/9.0j/ET40 fit?

    My understanding was that the ET/offset I could buy for my 2017 S3 was between ET45-52 But I’ve never had any confirmation on that. Also have read elsewhere that 9.0j will not fit. Just been offered my ideal wheels at a great price, but in 19”/ET40/9.0j, so hoping there is someone out there...
  8. KingJMLE

    Sold 19" OEM AUDI ROTOR WHEELS. £650

    Hi all, I've recently replaced my rotors with some aftermarket alloys, hence the sale. They've come from my Audi A4 S Line Avant BE, I think they're roughly ET45 - ET47. Good condition, some slight curbing which should be easily fixed. Wheels: AUDI ROTOR OEM Colour: Black Tyres: Front two...
  9. T

    Sold 21" Rohana Alloys & Tyres

    FOR SALE. 21” Rohana RFX7 alloys and Tyres. Alloys: 21” 10.5j width fitted to my RS7 for 4500miles. Gloss Black in colour. Mint condition apart from one little nick on one wheel rim which is less than 1cm width as per picture. Tyres: Michelin Pilot Super Sports 285/35/21’s fitted at same time...
  10. E

    A6 wheel fitment

    Just a precaution, thinking of buying a new set of alloys. Old 7,5 17 ET45 5/112 New 7,5 17 ET36 5/112 Will they fit no problem, or is the offset going to be a rubbing issue? 2006, C6 Avant 2,7TDI
  11. arobson90

    Wanted Wheels 18's or 19's (I can't decide)

    Looking for a set of 18 or 19 inch wheels for my A4 B8. Whats about?
  12. I

    Wanted RS6 Wheels

    Is there anyone buying a Carbon Black trim model that would like to swap their black wheels for the grey ones from my Vorsprung RS6?
  13. ohmyaudi

    S3 wheel width

    Hi guys, I have a 2015 PFL 3 door S3. Been searching through this forum for the answer on the spec of that standard wheels. Seems to be a mix of answers saying theyre either 7.5J with ET51 or 8J ET51. Offset seems to be that but whats the width? Need to know as choosing some new wheels I want to...
  14. S3S

    A5 Wheels on S3

    I have bought 2015 A5 s-line wheels 20x9 ETA 29 will they fit my 2015 S3
  15. Will.T

    Alloy fitment

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at some new alloys on Demon Tweeks who do some pretty reasonable finance options and I was wondering what size I'd need to go for? I need the width (options: 7", 7.5", 8" or 9"), diameter (I'll be going for 18"), PCD (Think this is 5x112?) and offset (35, 40 or 45)...
  16. AWP

    Audi A3 S-Line Alloys

    Hello, Im looking for anyone that has possibly powder coated the standard audi s-line 10 spoke wheels, i’m thinking of going gloss black against the scuba blue on my car and leaving the chrome bits round and about. Another possibility could be a dark grey or shadow chrome, if anyone has these...
  17. E

    Audi A6 Le mans wheels on Audi A3?

    Hi everyone! I have a Audi A3 8P 2009 TDI E SPORT and im just wondering if the Audi Le Mans wheels for the Audi A6 would fit? The description says 255/35R19 5x112 A4? They look like the Black edition ones which is why i like them however i know these are 19" so a bit bigger! The seller told me...
  18. curlo

    Sold 4x genuine Porsche 986 16" alloy wheels - £160 ONO

    2x Front: 6Jx16 ET50, 996 362 112 00 2x Rear: 7Jx16 ET40, 996 362 114 00 4x genuine Porsche centre-caps These wheels have hardly been used, although there are a couple of grazes on 2 of the wheels (see close ups below). They are simple touch-ups, rather than requiring full refurbs. The tyres...
  19. O

    For Sale Genuine Audi A4 Sline 17 " Alloys 8K0601025CE For Sale

    £240 ovno Genuine Audi Alloys 8K0601025CE, 7.5J rim, ET45 offset, 225/50/17. Excellent condition (as can be seen from the photos) never repaired, no kerb marks, buckles, cracks or welds. Barely any wear! Centre caps included with removal tool. Removed due to wheel upgrade from 2015 (65) Audi A4...
  20. I

    whats the pdc of an audi a4 b7 2.0tsfi quattro?

    I want to put rota grids on my audi anybody got any suggestions? and also if I want to put rs4 wings on a stock looking b7 whats the process I know the from wings are all bolt on probably ****** torque drivers because the b7 is held together with them