west midlands

  1. Audi98

    Cruise control retrofit

    Hi is anyone able to code in Cruise control in a 2010 Audi A3 in the W Midlands area?
  2. K

    Q7 q7 facelift lights. west midlands

    hi guys. just got a q7 as the family bus. however as always with new cars you get mod fever. so i have an early 2009 s-line (pre facelift) with halogens, headlight washers, air suspension and no manual headlight level/range control by headlight switch (so I'm guessing auto level as part of...
  3. F

    TFSI Carbon Clean

    Here's a pic of a mates engine. Its a MK6 Golf R with 41,000 miles. Same CDL as S3 Decoke carried out by our indy at AP Automotive in Telford. It certainly comes up well.