1. NevMan

    Nev’s Carbon Black MY19 G01 BMW X3 M40i

    All, So many of you will know that I have defected to the dark side (BMW), but detailing is detailing, and I plan on staying active on this forum, as that is what I spend a lot of my spare time doing (detailing that is!) So, I picked up my New BMW X3 M40i in Carbon Black (Metallic with dark...
  2. V6_Man

    Suggestions Please - Car detailing near Oxford

    Hi folks, Looking for a good detailing company / individual in or around Oxfordshire area. Would like a stage 2 correction and possibly ceramic coating on the car. I have used or old friend Google and although there are few in or around Oxford I was unable to find any reviews on ASN or...
  3. Shortyian

    Summer Autoglym Super Resin Polish & HD Wax

    Just finished giving him summer polish & wax - an awful lot of elbow grease but very happy with results!!! Products used: Autoglym Super Resin Polish Autoglym HD Wax